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A closer look at the hidden characters in Street Fighter X Tekken's E3 trailer

Posted by Jon 'Catalyst' Grey • June 8, 2011 at 6:35 p.m. PDT • Comments: 99
A closer look at the hidden characters in Street Fighter X Tekken's E3 trailer Some sharp eyed readers managed to spot some interesting things in the E3 trailer for Street Fighter X Tekken that Capcom put out yesterday.

Multiple readers claimed to have spotted Dhalsim, Lili, Asuka and Steve, the latter three from the Tekken universe partially hidden or obscured in the trailer.

Some of the stuff here is a bit strong than others, and arguments could be made against these being the characters shown as well, but to check out the evidence, hit the link below.

Lili — Tekken

The things to note here are the character's socks, boots and dress pattern match very closely with Lili from the Tekken franchise.

Dhalsim — Street Fighter

Dhalsim's head, or something that looks a bit like it, may be partially viewable when Sagat's character artwork comes up (blue arrow in the first shot). You have to use your imagination a bit for this one, but if you check the collage shot (middle image), you'll have an easier time making it out.

Asuka — Tekken

Chun-Li fights a character that's never revealed in the trailer, although you can see some of the details of her outfit, which appear to match up with Asuka from Tekken fame. The main things that stand out are the short shorts and boots (1st shot) and the gloves (2nd shot).

Steve — Tekken

In a similar fashion to how Dhalsim seemingly appears, Steve from Tekken may partially materialize behind Hwoarang. Here are a few shots showing a face back there.

A big thanks goes to ARXIN, ZeroX03, Cloudlam, HyperMarth, Dflowen and Johnz for tracking these things down, and in some cases providing screen shots.

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