Street Fighter X Tekken E3 trailer, gameplay w/ Cammy and Julia

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • June 7, 2011 at 12:40 p.m. PDT | Comments: 93
Capcom released more assets for Street Fighter X Tekken this morning as part of E3 2011. For more details on what the game will contain and additional videos, hit the jump.

• Dream match up.

• Dozens of playable characters including Ryu, Ken, Guile, Able, and Chun-Li from Street Fighter as well as Kazuya, Nina, King, Marduk, and Bob from TEKKEN.

• Real-time Tag Battle

• Fight as a team of two and switch between characters strategically.

• Familiar Controls.

• In STREET FIGHTEr X TEKKEN, controls will feel familiar for fans of both series.

• Juggle System.

• Toss your foes into TEKKEN-style juggles with STrEET FiGHTEr X TEKKEN’s universal air launching system.

• Robust online modes – In addition to the online features from Super Street Fighter® IV, STrEET FiGHTEr X TEKKEN features totally upgraded online functionality and some new surprises.

Genre: Fighting
Platforms: PS3TM, Xbox 360®
# players: 1 -2
Release Date: 2012
ESRB rating: RP (T for Teen expected)
Developer: Capcom

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