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Street Fighter X Tekken's roster about half-way revealed

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • July 23, 2011 at 1:28 p.m. PDT • Comments: 111
Street Fighter X Tekken's roster about half-way revealed For those of you wondering how big Street Fighter X Tekken's roster is going to get, Yoshinori Ono dropped a big hint today during a live chat session, saying the game's roster is around the half-way point. He continued to talk a lot about the game, offering up all sorts of interesting details, which have been transcribed below.

Darkstalkers and Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition were also briefly mentioned, and you can find those details and more stuff after the jump.

General details — SFxT

• Capcom is some where around the half-way point for character announcements. Maybe a little ahead of the mid-point, maybe a bit behind it. Right now SFxT has 18 announced characters, 19 if you count the Sony exclusive character, Cole.

• SFxT's net code will not be SSF4 AE's net code, but you'll see improvements for sure. More will be announced on this in the future.

• Ono said that Haggar, Cody, Guy and Hugo being in the trailer didn't mean they'll be in the game, but where there's Poison there's usually Hugo.

• There will be some element of character customization in SFxT in regards to their looks. This will be announced in the future.

• Mishima vs. Shadaloo is a big part of the story for the game. This is another non-canon story, i.e. a "what if" scenario, not part of the main SF story arc.

• A lot of fan feedback from the E3 build of SFxT was put into the Comic-Con build of the game, Ono said, he specifically mentioned the lifebar changes.

Gameplay information — SFxT

• Ono strongly hinted that a 2v2 online option would be in the game, but hasn't officially confirmed it yet. Seth hinted at the same thing previously too.

• You might see the dual team attack system like in Street fighter Alpha in this game.

• Ono said charge characters aren't naturally at a disadvantage with the how the game works and the faster gameplay, he said there's even some situations where they have the advantage over motion characters.

• Combos off stages (walls) doesn't sound like it'd be in SFxT, but for Tekken X Street Fighter, it'd probably be in that one, as that's a big part of the Tekken games.

• As previously mentioned, Ono said Tekken fans should be pleased because a lot of the combos they're used and the 4-button scheme are in the game.

What the future holds — SFxT

• At NY Comic-Con there will be new SFxT info. There will either be new gameplay information or characters there, maybe both.

• The PC release of SSF4 AE is in the top 10 on Steam and Capcom is happy about that, so it's possible SFxT could see a PC release as well. Ono asked fans please not to pirate AE and to keep asking for SFxT it if they want it.

• SSF4 AE being a retail and DLC release worked out well for Capcom, so they'll look to do the same thing for SFxT in the future, if they go that route. Balance patches are possible. If there's a big content package with the balance stuff, they may or may not charge for it.

• DLC costumes are in the development stage and there will be lots and lots of colors.

• An announcement for the SFxT stick from Mad Catz should be coming soon.

• Capcom is working in the direction for a collector's edition for SFxT, but nothing is concrete yet.

• No Street Fighter EX characters from Arika in SFxT, but Ono said some of those people could show up in a future fighting game, as they have a good relationship still with Arika.

Other stuff — SFxT

• You'll see a lot of guest cameos in the stages, and the fighters back there won't just be doing the fist pumps you're used to, they might be re-enacting some scenes and other storylines you're familiar with.

• Fan feedback was factored in regards to how the Tekken characters look, as they change costumes a lot over the franchise history. Also, where they thought the 'essence' of the character came from is how they picked the general look of the fighters in SFxT.

• SFxT will have the same voice system as in SF4 where you can select the English or Japanese voice actors in the menu.

• Vita version will be linked with the PS3 release in some way.

• No decisions have been made about 360 exclusive characters. Some of the main targets for the 360 have already been taken and put into other games.

• Ono only wants to do something with the Wii-U if they can take advantage of the unique stuff it offers, he doesn't want to do a straight port.

• SFxT backgrounds will have all sorts of nods to the community in them, including Ono's Blanka toy. There's a lot of wackiness in this game, it doesn't take itself seriously.

• Oddly enough Harada is better than Ono at Street Fighter. Ono said Harada is really lazy and spends all of his time playing, so that's why he's better, he also attributed his laziness as to why Tekken X Street Fighter hasn't started yet. Yoshinori was of course joking and taking another jab at Harada.

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition

• Ono said feedback about balance on SSF4 AE from Capcom-Unity and his Twitter does make it back to Japan, so keep leaving it there if you want to see changes. He said again he wants to rebalance the game and knows how people feel about Yun.


• Ono won't make a new Rival Schools game before making a new Darkstalkers title. He said he wouldn't even mind being fired if he could get a Darkstalkers made before he was.

• This year Ono asked fans of Darkstalkers to hold up a $10 instead of a $1 to help encourage Capcom to make it. After that Ono will increase the money people hold up, until it gets to a $100 bill and then at that moment he'll run around and collect the money and retire. In all seriousness, Ono still badly wants to create a new Darkstalkers title.

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