Justin Wong: I've barely played AE at all, game isn't much fun

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • July 18, 2011 at 8:45 p.m. PDT
Justin Wong: I've barely played AE at all, game isn't much fun Blake "Slackaholicus" Cory of Evil Geniuses conducted an interview with Justin Wong that talks a lot about the community and the games Justin is well known for playing. The piece is reasonably long and covers interesting subjects.

Here's a clip to get you going.

Slack: Your performance in SSFIVAE was not as outstanding. You were taken out off-stream and didn’t even make top 8. In fact, your performance in Arcade Edition has been below-average for what we would expect to see from you. Mike Ross also took his first tourney victory over you at CEO2011. What has been the cause of this? Is it the lack of experience with the matchups of your new character Yun, or is there something else? What steps are you taking to improve for Evo?

Justin: To be honest, I have barely played AE at all. I just started playing AE more and more with Floe and it’s really not that fun. I always want to play Marvel but I know I need to practice AE. I think I will do a lot better by EVO because I have been practicing with Yun. At CEO, I strictly wanted to try to win with Yang and get as much experience as I can. That is why I didn’t switch to Rufus/Adon against Mike Ross. The match-up is 3 year Mike Ross Honda vs 1 week Justin Wong Yang. Not to take any credit from Mike, he is an amazing player but the match was simply not in my favor at the time.

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