Shiizu wins July Marvel vs. Capcom 3 guide competition with C.Viper article

Posted by Nate 'Nyoro' Young • July 17, 2011 at 4:18 p.m. PDT
Shiizu wins July Marvel vs. Capcom 3 guide competition with C.Viper article Shiizu has won this month's Marvel vs. Capcom 3 guide competition here on EventHubs with this Viper submission and takes home the $50 prize for July.

You'll find a breakdown of C.Viper's specials, hypers and lots more information to help you pick up and learn this character.

Another $50 prize will be awarded to the best overall guide for the month of August as well, so you can hit the character-specific forum and start working on your submissions now. Anyone can create a guide for their favorite character(s) in each character's section.

Please use the subject Forum_Username's MvC3 guide for Character. This will make it easier to keep track of the guides on the various character sections, as those areas will collect other posts as well, besides guide submissions.

This competition will last for a ways into the future, but the same person who's won once before can't win again for awhile, but later on down the road, an even bigger overall prize will be handed out, and everyone will be eligible for this. In the event of an announcement of an upgrade to Marvel vs. Capcom 3 this upcoming weekend, the contest rules will be examined again for future potential winners.

Here's a piece from the Viper article.

C. Viper has many ways of scoring an overhead attack on the opponent, Burning Kick is her best non-aerial option if you want to surprise the opponent immediately rather than jumping first. Hard Burning Kick is the best version by far, simply because it is completely safe on block, and it can cross-up a crouching opponent at close range! This is a valuable asset since whenever Viper is having trouble opening up opponents that like to crouch and block her ground attacks, throwing this out will mean that they will not only have to block an instant overhead attack, but they will have to block the opposite direction.

What makes it even better is that you can initiate a combo after it hits, [landing a lot of damage]. Be careful about using it too often though, it has fairly long startup, so other attacks can beat it out easily. Use it only when you know the opponent is going to block.

Just like Thunder Knuckle, Viper can cancel this move at anytime as well by inputting S. Doing so will leave her in a recovered aerial state, from which you can perform an aerial attack. This is great, and allows Viper to go into an instant overhead attack without having to telegraph an aerial attack by jumping. At close range, mixing up between a BK feint and a Hard BK will have the opponent guessing and make it difficult for them to block.

Good luck to future guide writers! Here's one sample and another sample to get you guys started with an outline.

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