Pakistani player wins 207 straight Xbox Live Super Street Fighter 4 games

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • January 31, 2011 at 11:09 p.m. PST
Pakistani player wins 207 straight Xbox Live Super Street Fighter 4 games Saganomics wrote in about a Pakistani player who goes by the name of MicroNukeX, that won 207 consecutive Super Street Fighter 4 matches on Xbox Live. This impressive feat was followed up by a message from MicroNukeX explaining how everything went down.

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First of all I was not really prepared to get those wins in a row. Actually, I was playing online after many days and I was really waiting to get spare time from my business to play SSF4 again. So when I got free time I just turned on my Xbox 360, went live and created open endless room for 5 slots. There were 4 spare slots to join. I started playing, usually I use to get around 40-60 wins in row if I am lucky. But as I carried on to 95 I thought why not 100 so as I passed 100 mark, now here's [where] the drama started. Every one who played me and left the room after few games referred their friends to play me as I had fair 100 + wins so competition started and every one who was playing me, got desperate to break the streak and things got more strict for me.

Yes I played 20-30 guys who really sucked, but I also beaten guys with around, 5,000 bp, 7,000bp, 12,000bp, 18,000bp also ferdi guller who has 30,000bp and around 7700pp. Beat [him] 3 matches and he left.

It was around 4:45 a.m. when I had like 180 + wins so I became desperate to cross 200 mark and shut down my Xbox 360. There were guys in my room who were really good and I think I was lucky enough that I didn't lose to them. At 205 wins my father called me to get back home as I was at my shop all night, telling my family that I was busy clearing stock issues.

I was tired. And played little easy that cost me the 208th match.

Look Guys I dont know how I got it but I think, ...... really ...... I was lucky. Cause even beating "CHICKENS" and noobs 200 + consective wins in a row isnt a joke.

But that was fun. I was excited and I didn't share it with my wife and family, telling them, that I was at shop playing 8 long hours on Xbox Live SSF4, setting 200+ wins *laughs*.

I cannot prove it in detail who I beat and who not, but sorry couldn't leave the session to save my SSF4 gaming's amazing matches, if I left the session it would have destroyed the streak.

Here are some videos from near the end, and the actual end, of the winning streak.
Sources: PakGamers Forums and DownTownFighters' YouTube Channel.

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