3DS Super Street Fighter 4 Street Pass mode detailed, new preview

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • January 31, 2011 at 8:42 p.m. PST
3DS Super Street Fighter 4 Street Pass mode detailed, new preview Translated details of the 3DS version of SSF4's Street Pass mode were posted by AndriaSang.com.

The article discusses how figurines are collected and can be traded. It's a nice overview if you're interested in this title, here's a grab.

The real fun of the game's figure component comes in its Simulation Battle mode. This uses Street Pass to pit your figures against figures of players you pass by on the street in automated battles.

The Simulation Battles require a bit of set up. You have to initially create a team of five figures who will represent you in the battles. When adding up the level of all your team members, the total level has to be 20 or less. Once you've created a team, you can distribute a preset quantity of points between your figures' Power, Defense and Speed parameters. These points add to the values that are set in advance from the figure's level.

Also, TheGamingVault has a hands-on preview of this title going over how the various features work. It's written by someone who understands fighting games and talks about the title logically, although he's discussing things you've probably read about else where, it's nice to hear about them from this perspective. Here's another clip.

In terms of new additions the big one is the new “3D view” mode that places the camera over the shoulder of the character you’re playing. This can be a bit bewildering at first as the controls remain the same as they are in the 2D view, but after a few rounds the whole thing quickly became second nature and my Cammy was able to pull off a few of the basic combos that are so familiar to her in the console version from a completely different perspective.

I think that view over combat isn’t something anyone will want to use in their actual serious bouts, but it’s a nice novelty feature for the 3DS version and without a doubt one of the game features that will be a great demonstration of how the 3D effect can be used to great success.

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