Yang, Yun Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition notes & combos from blog

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • January 21, 2011 at 10:58 a.m. PST
Yang, Yun Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition notes & combos from blog A translation for an older entry on the Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition blog was posted a ways back. It lists some of the different properties of Yun and Yang's Dive Kick, character notes, along with some of the core combos for the twins.

Though both Yun and Yang have the Raigekishuu (Dive Kick), which they can use as a starting point for attacks in a variety of ways, the hitbox is unusually small, while the hittable box is unusually large. With a simple strategy of attacking with Dive Kick, there's the risk of the move simply being stuffed, depending on the opponent's attack.

For those on the defensive side, we recommend countering using moves like light normals with high points of attack, and medium normals with high priority.

• If his Dive Kick is blocked at the head, Yun's frame disadvantage is at -8 to -4.
• Blocked at the waist, Yun is -3 to +0.
• Blocked at the feet, Yun is at +0 to +4.

If you can skillfully aim for the feet, Yun will be at an advantage after the block.

About Yang's Sei'ei Enbu (Super move)

Sei'ei Enbu: A Super Combo where, following an attack from Yang, every ten frames, the shadows will attack an additional two times. Since Main attacks and shadow attacks have different properties, we'll discuss them a bit. Main attacks generally have the same properties as normal attacks. Exceptions include Close Hard Punch and Crouching Hard Punch, which do slightly different amounts of damage.

Shadow attacks do about 1/4 of the damage of the main attack, and do no (dizzy) stun, even if the hit lands. Also, all shadow attacks counts as upper-body attacks, so you can block them from both a standing and crouching guard. Furthermore, Shadow Level 3 Focus Attacks are blockable, and shadow throws won't connect.

Though (depending on its use) Sei'ei Enbu is a Super capable of doing massive amounts of damage, since there is scaling as the hits of a combo increase, we suggest knocking the opponent down during one combo and attacking again from wakeup.

Yun's Suggested Combos

Crouching Light Punch → Standing Light Punch → Standing Light Kick → Standing Medium Punch → Hard Punch Zesshou (Rush Punch) 187 Damage 286 Stun.
Connecting the 3 frame Crouching Light Punch into Target Combo 1 and finishing off with a special move. If Up Kicks land you can quickly send your opponent towards the corner.

Crouching Medium Punch → Standing Medium Punch → Hard Kick Nishou (Up Kicks) 222 Damage 340 Stun Note: Depending on the distance, Crouching Medium Punch 2x.
Because both Close Medium Punch and Standing Medium Punch are special-cancellable, they're incredibly strong normals. Also, dependent on the opponent and spacing, Crouching Medium Punch 2x is also possible.

EX Lunge Punch → Ultra 1, 440 Damage 200 Stun.
It's a bit difficult from mid-screen, but it's a fundamental combo into Ultra.

Yang's Suggested Combos

Crouching Light Kick → Standing Light Punch → Crouching Medium Kick → Hard Punch Mantis Slash 199 Damage 323 Stun.
A combo from the 3 frame Crouching Light Kick. Since the Link into Standing Light Punch is tight, if you change it to the 4 frame Crouching Light Punch so you have more frame advantage and the combo is easier to do. Since it's easier to do to wake-up attacks, if you change the the finishing Mantis Slashes to a Medium Kick Senkyuutai (Roll Kick), choose which to use based on the situation.

Flip Grab → Close Medium Punch → Hard Punch Mantis Slashes 195 Damage 246 Stun.
An example of a combo from Zenpou Tenshin (Flip Grab). Since both normal and EX put Yang at +7 on hit, you can combo into Crouching Medium Kick, Close Medium Kick, Close Hard Punch, and other moves.

Crouching Medium Kick → Hard Punch Mantis Slash (two hits) → Focus Attack Dash Cancel, → Ultra 1 439 Damage 190 Stun.
An example combo of connecting Ultra from an FADC. Of course, you can not only combo with Ultra 1, but Ultra 2 as well.

Translation by USD on NeoGAF.

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