More online character usage stats for Super Street Fighter 4

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • January 20, 2011 at 12:38 a.m. PST
More online character usage stats for Super Street Fighter 4 Many members have been contributing to a second list that kept track of how often they came across the game's 35 characters when playing online Ranked Mode in Super Street Fighter 4.

A huge, huge, huge thanks goes out to JetX, Ambahdextrous and ZombieBrian who took a bunch of their own time to compile this list for everyone.

A total of 4,000 matches were recorded. Hit the jump to check the results of the community's efforts.

Round 2 online character usage Super Street Fighter 4 numbers

In case you want to compare, the previous online character usage percentage for Super Street Fighter 4 was posted back in late September 2010.

Here are a few notes to mark some of the differences between the two lists.

• While Ryu remained in the top spot, the amount of people using him dropped down from 16.5% to 14.2%.

• Vega (Claw) and Cody took a nice hop in popularity, climbing the chart a bit.

• Adon took a sizable drop in the amount of times he showed up, while Balrog (Boxer) and Sagat also took a noticeable dives.

• Despite Dudley, Sakura and Juri being fairly low in the tier rankings, these three characters still have a good following online.

Also shout outs to x Who Is Alpha, Zegram, Terror, Legacy Virus, Tamaraw1971, Kogia, TooN_MytH, Catalyst_NC, 4120u, Mrcinsc, Gnama, Motopsycho, Mav2j, TommyTwoTime77, Grimmjow316, IMainDanHibiki, BloodyNights, Snowilazed, Kewlname, Kanped, Comatose Lad, SFilp, Shannaro!!! JetX, Ambahdextrous and ZombieBrian for contributing tons and tons of match numbers.

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