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Updated: Yang and Yun's translated endings, Super Street Fighter 4 AE

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • January 7, 2011 at 9:43 a.m. PST • Comments: 70
Update: A translation of both endings by Kooki has been added into this story.

Seijuroh posted the direct capture endings for Yang and Yun's endings in Super Street Fighter 4, available in HD. These are in Japanese, but the endings are fully animated.
Yang's Ending
Chun-Li: Yang!
Yang: Chun-Li! Are you already leaving?
Chun-Li: Yeah... so, I've heard you left home without a warning... you must had been scolded, right?
Yang: *Giggles* Of course... but it was a good experience, we met many strong people out of this city.
Chun-Li: Thankfully :)
Yun: Oh! You've come!
Chun-Li: I've just come to greet the "Lee elders". And it was brief, but thanks for everything.
Yun: If you ever get to be looking for a help, you can count on me anytime!
Yang: If you ever pass by, come visit us! We will repay you for all the trouble we caused... said my brother.
Yun: Why!? D:
Chun-Li: Ill look forward for it! Bye bye.
Yang: OK! Until some other day!

Yun's Ending
Yun: Wow! That was awesome! I didn't really understand what was up with the last guy, but in the end didn't we get to go to real cool places? ;D
Yang: That's great... but brother, we are almost reaching the city, shouldn't you start thinking about a good excuse?
Yun: An excuse...?
Hoymay: Hey! Aren't you guys just Yun and Yang!? You just disappeared without any warnings! What were you guys thinking making people worried like that!?
Yun: Hoymay?! D:
Hoymay: You're not going to run away! Yang!
Yang: Right, right...
Yun: Yang!? What the hell are you doing!?
Hoymay: Now come along! the elders are waiting!
Yun: Ouch! Ouch! It hurts! heeey... ;(

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