Q&A with DMG's Dr. Chaos about AE Ken, other stuff

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • January 5, 2011 at 12:56 p.m. PST
Q&A with DMG's Dr. Chaos about AE Ken, other stuff Jason24cf sent over a question and answer session he had with DMG's Dr. Chaos, who's an exceptional Ken player and the winner of the Evo 2010 Stetson cowboy hat.

This covers a myriad of subjects, starting with the changes to Ken in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition before moving through Dr. Chaos' opinion on the tournament scene and his DMG teammates. Hit the jump for everything.

Jason24cf: We all read about the changes being made to Ken from the Capcom development blog. Now that you had the chance to play Ken in Arcade Edition, what are your feelings about him?

Dr. Chaos: Well, Ken feels as he actually has changes in this version of SF4 unlike vanilla to SSF4. He feels more complete although his walk speed is still a bit slow. I am happy the way he turned out in Arcade Edition and can't complain.

Jason24cf: Now I know they gave him more recovery on Light Dragon Punch, and I am happy about that. On XBL that damn Light Dragon Punch baited me all the time that said what new additions he received that you like.

Dr. Chaos: Haha, well of course I like the faster sweep which in turn enables him to combo into it now, Crouching Medium Punch is also more useful now because of its longer hit stun so certain stuff you could only do on counter hit in vanilla/super is possible off regular hits.

Standing Light Punch also has a better range on crouchers now and I believe ken is +4 on block so he can start his offense a bit better, the target combo I haven’t really tried that much, but I heard its better. EX Kara Hurricane Kick not being a full screen overhead anymore is missed, though.

Jason24cf: That was a cheap mix up. *laughs*

Dr. Chaos: Well, in some situations that was Ken’s only answer to problems.

Jason24cf: What match up's do you think these new additions will help with?

Dr. Chaos: I believe they will help in all, but specifically [with the] Shotos. For me, I should say is Shoto's and Guile those are my toughest matches because when trying to space Akuma/Ryu you always have to keep in mind of the random sweep that they can throw out, that will beat the majority of your pokes now at least you have one [as well] of similar speed. Guile, its just hard to get a knockdown on that untechable with jab into sweep it will be easier and you would not have to put yourself in a risky situation with a Hurricane Kick, I guess the latter part goes for every match up.

Jason24cf: How about Akuma, have you tried him out? Anything about him you like in this version?

Dr. Chaos: Not that much. We had Arcade Edition on free play and I messed around with him a bit but in Arcade Edition I will probably stick with Ken and Adon and maybe Yang he (Akuma) seems the same, though. Only difference I could tell was his escape hurricane.

Jason24cf: Do you see yourself using his Ultra 2 now since it got a buff?

Dr. Chaos: I never used it before except for Rufus match ups. I could never do the Standing Hard Punch into Ultra 2 that well.

Jason24cf: You couldn’t do a move well? That is a first! This is breaking news. *laughs*

Dr. Chaos: Haha, that cancel was tough. You have to cancel the Hard Punch into Teleport then do the Ultra motion before the teleport aura even appears.

Jason24cf: Now I asked the same question to your teammate Inthul a while back. DMG has some heavy hitters. Where do you rank yourself against your teammates?

Dr. Chaos: I'm at the bottom *laughs*, I couldn’t perform that well in SSF4. I was better at vanilla, maybe it will change for Arcade Edition.

Jason24cf: NO WAY! You're Dr. [Expletive] Chaos! I have seen videos of you doing [stuff] that left me in shock!

Dr. Chaos: *laughs*, Nah I'm not that bad, but I'm just very inconsistent, I need to work on that.

Jason24cf: Now what characters give you the hardest match ups?

Dr. Chaos: in regular SSF4, Guile, Ryu and sometimes Abel, Fei Long can be hard sometimes, too.

Jason24cf: Since you mentioned characters, is there a player that you just have a hard time beating, for example PR Balrog said that, "Arturo Sanchez is the counter to my play style," do you have this same issue with a player?

Dr. Chaos: If I would have to choose, probably Sanford Kelly, he always seem to eliminate me in major tournaments.

Jason24cf: So say if you met Sanford in a major and beat him but lose in the finals would you be happy because you beat Sanford or would you be upset that you lost the Major. In sports they call it a moral victory I call it BS, I play to win *laughs*.

Dr. Chaos: Haha, I would be upset [that] I lost the major unless it was me and some god-like person in the finals.

Jason24cf: Do you feel added pressure on yourself being called "Best Ken in the USA"?

Dr. Chaos: Not really, I just try to do my best at tournaments there’s some other good kens out in the U.S., I was just the most consistent that day.

Jason24cf: Are you looking forward to defending the cowboy hat at this year's EVO?

Dr. Chaos: Haha, I have to put it on the line?

Jason24cf: Who knows what they have planned at EVO 2011 but I'm sure a Ken player will be aiming for it.

Dr. Chaos: I might wear it for this EVO.

Jason24cf: With MvC3 soon to be released will you jump ship to MvC3 or are you sticking with Super?

Dr. Chaos: Ahh MvC3, well I’ll play it of course. MvC1 was the first fighting game I learned to play competitively so if it plays similar to that hopefully I can pick it up fast I’ll always play Super its fun to play and I put a good amount of time into it, no point of quitting now.

Jason24cf: Main event at EVO is MvC3 or SSF4?

Dr. Chaos: For me or EVO in general? I guess whoever has the most entrants. I know a lot of people are waiting on MvC3.

Jason24cf: What a political answer, Dr, Chaos are you going to enter politics when you're done with fighting games?

Dr. Chaos: Haha, no one knows where a doctor goes but probably not, but I’ll probably always help out the scene once I'm done playing. I don’t think I’ll stop its hard. *laughs*

Jason24cf: Team battles, do you want your team to be #1 and if so who would be DMG's three players you would want to represent in team battles?

Dr. Chaos: Team battles for majors or online?

Jason24cf: Everything.

Dr. Chaos: As of NECXI I would say Inthul, PR rog and hmm... either Rob or Lud. I never played Rob before and he beat me with his Sagat with solid play (video link) Lud's just pretty technical with Chun-Li. I like watching him play. He always knows some type of punish or cheap stuff to exploit to escape a situation. If Rico made top 8 I would have been on the team I haven’t seen Insyanne play that much but he made top 32 so he could be a potential team member, too.

There are too many players for just a three man team *laughs*.

Jason24cf: So your saying then DMG is the best team out there?

Dr. Chaos: Hmm... they're probably one of the best. There’s a lot of strong teams out there but if we all played each other I'm pretty sure DMG would rank high. It’s hard to say who’s the best, though.

Jason24cf: That’s what makes the fighting game community so great I take? There being so many players and strong teams.

Dr. Chaos: Yes, and even one person beats another the next day the reverse could happen, so its always a back and forth thing going on.

Jason24cf: Final question, what are your goals this year in the fighting game community? What would you consider a failure for Dr. Chaos for the year 2011?

Dr. Chaos: My goal would to just be consistent and always play my game, failure would be not getting top 3 in a major in 2011.

Jason24cf: My goal for 2011 would be to beat you in a first to 10 with Ken who isn’t my main and take that cowboy hat *laughs*.

Dr. Chaos: Haha, I am not a fan of Ken vs. Ken match up, so it’s possible.

Jason24cf: Dr. Chaos thank you again for your time and do you have any final words?

Dr. Chaos: Shout outs to DMG, Jaeel @ Focus Attack, bifuteki.com, lizard lick, Mad Catz and all my homies in Philadelphia.

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