AE blog notes: Honda, Gouken, Rose, Ibuki, Seth & Akuma

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AE blog notes: Honda, Gouken, Rose, Ibuki, Seth & Akuma The Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition developers latest entry focuses on some of the hit box changes to E. Honda, Gouken, Rose, Ibuki, Seth and Akuma.

A rough translation of the entry is available along with the images showing you how the various moves were changed.

Hit the jump to check things out.

E. Honda

E. Honda's old Jumping Medium Punch hit box in SSF4.

E. Honda's new Jumping Medium Punch hit box in Arcade Edition. The box has been raised slightly.


Hit boxes for Gouken's Congo (Counter) attack. First image on the left is Light Punch, Medium Punch in the middle and Hard Punch on the right.


With Rose they talked about her previously known changes and showed the hit boxes for some of her normals.

Crouching Medium Punch's hit box.

Far Standing Medium Kick's hit box.


The developers posted a couple of images showing where Ibuki lands now in Arcade Edition after throwing a Kunai, they also mention the damage was reduced from 50 down to 30.

When Ibuki throws a Kunai from this position...

This is where she landed in chocolate SSF4.

And this is where she lands in Arcade Edition.


Here's the new hit box for Far Standing Medium Kick. The hittable box was pulled back a bit so it's not as close to the end of his foot and the active frames were increased, to make it a better poke.


Akuma's Ultra 2 hit box when performed on its own.

Ultra 2's hit box when performed while Canceling out of a teleport, so now it will hit crouching opponents.

Next week's entry will be about Blanka, Abel, Makoto, Dee Jay and T. Hawk.

You can find older translation notes about E. Honda, Gouken, Rose & Ibuki, Seth and Akuma by visiting these links.

Source: Japanese SSF4 AE blog.

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