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Cody Super Street Fighter 4 guide revised by Nyoronoru

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • February 1, 2011 at 8:22 p.m. PST • Comments: 24
Cody Super Street Fighter 4 guide revised by Nyoronoru The Cody guide here on has been completely redone. It's gone from sucking balls to being a very helpful and informative piece on how to play this character.

Again, a huge thanks go out to Nyoronoru who wrote this information in an easily digestible format. Here's a bit from the guide.
Cody is a heavy-hitting frame-trapping rock-throwing tank of destruction. When Cody has momentum and traps the opponent at short range they are at his mercy. He has a truckload of options, baits, feints and counters that can meet almost any situation along with powerful attacks that deal lots of stun. His Focus Attack covers great range with its big horizontal hitbox and his projectile has incredibly fast recovery. Lastly he has no problem comboing into his Ultras, adding to his amazing damage output.

Cody's weaknesses lie around his wakeup and mobility. His only reliable reversal is EX Zonk Knuckle and without EX he is completely helpless against rushdown. Cody's backdash is also poor, covering little range and being very slow. In terms of mobility, Cody walks very slowly. This worsens his throw game considerably and hurts all his approaches to begin his damaging offense.
Also, KevinT747 has another informative Cody guide here on the forums, which has hitbox information on his normal moves and gameplay videos to look over, along with lots of other details.
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