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Sven answers questions dealing with 3sOE on Capcom forums

Posted by Who Is Alpha • August 31, 2011 at 9:26 p.m. PDT • Comments: 38
Sven answers questions dealing with 3sOE on Capcom forums Christian Svensson discussed a few subjects relevant to their newly released fighting game recently on Capcom Forums. The focus was on Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online Edition this time and some functions of GGPO.
For online play, is it possible to show whether or not your opponent is on wireless or wired internet? Even though ggpo would (should?) help, lag spikes still makes me sad... — Farplaner

Svensson: I'm not aware of any game that does this... could well be a TCR/TRC issue for both MS and Sony. Frankly, it's sort of irrelevant. I can have a "wired" connection to a single wireless bridge (which in fact, I do in my living room... connected to an 802.11n bridge for HD media streaming). It would appear to the Xbox or PS3 to be a wired connection, but it isn't). The point is, the connection is the connection as far as the machine is concerned (dropped packets notwithstanding).

Why is it that the 360 version of 3SOE can't upload videos to personal YouTube channels? I know that it's not due to some sort of Microsoft ruling because other games can upload directly to personal Youtube channels. Black Ops (you may have heard of it, it's some sort of big deal) has this ability for both consoles. Any chance of correcting that? — Brit

Svensson: For now, MS has no libraries to enable that. We've had to create our own tech to do it and given current restrictions from MS on what data we can pass to our 3rd party host, there's no allowance for it. That said, there may be new technology from Microsoft on the horizon that may enable it.

I'm not sure what Black Ops is doing or how they're handling it. Probably no 3rd party host.

Only issue I have is with no region restriction options. Makes ranked battles useless since I always get paired with others from miles away. Not so much a bug though rather than a very handy feature especially for those of us from remote countries with bad internet (NZ) All things considered, fantastic port! Thanks for all your hard work :) — CptMunta

Svensson: I'm discussing this point with the team/technical director and Derek. No promises as this is not trivial (and as you point out, not broken).

Frankly, we need to see the impact the changes to the matching system have in general in helping you find more and better matches. So please stay tuned.
Why isn't there a "human" option for the dummy in training mode, so that you can play at the same time with another person in training mode. Like in the dreamcast and ps2 versions, it makes no sense that this isn't there. — Charles

Svensson: Good question. I'll ask Derek.

Why is there no way to 'deselect' when in the character select/super art select screen ala sf4(?) — Mr List

Svensson: That's the way the arcade was I believe... and every other version of SF3. That said, that's the only reason I could think of.

Why are the screen options so limited — Mr List

Svensson: You realize there are 3 screen widths, 3 filters (well, 2 filters and off) and a scan line on/off toggle in each. That's 18 different combinations.

I see no reason why you must always have art background and not just black as an option. — Mr List

Svensson: This one I don't understand. Are you suggesting absolutely no background to the stage?

I see no reason why the challenges are 'always on' in normal view[.] — Mr List

Svensson: Need to speak to Derek on that one. I've seen that complaint a lot.

I see no reason why there are no non-stretched widescreen options[.] — Mr List

Svensson: Yes, there is. It's the one that doesn't fit to the complete end of the screen and doesn't change any of the draw distances is unstretched.

The filters are supposedly applied per character but when selecting each filter option you can clearly see the hud being blurred. — Mr List

Svensson: The characters are all done seperately and individually from anything else on the screen.

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