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Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 Alpha changes for all 39 cast members

Posted by Jon 'Catalyst' Grey • August 24, 2011 at 11:47 p.m. PDT • Comments: 462
Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 Alpha changes for all 39 cast members Updated again: All of the Alpha changes to SSF4 AE v2012 have been added into this blog, which includes parts 1 and 2, which were posted earlier, so all 39 character's notes can be found in the same story. A few side notes for Cody, Guy and Yang were also added into this piece.

The third and final blog post detailing many of the changes being implemented into the arcade location tests for Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition has been posted now.

Hit the jump to check everything out.


We’ve reviewed changes that were made from SSF4, and have made his strong points more obvious this time around.

• Crouching Hard Punch's hitbox returned to it's SSF4 status where you could use it as an anti-air.

• All Tornado Throws do 10+ more damage. Light: 160, Medium: 180, Hard/EX: 200

• The second low hit of Abel's Change of Direction had its hit stun modified so that Second Low -> FADC gives you a maximum of +9 frames of advantage. Utilizing this, you can now do the combo Second Low -> FADC -> cr.HP -> Ultra 1.

• Breathless (Ultra 2) is now invincible to attacks during the initial charge start up, until the beginning of hit detection.


We have improved aspects people complained about, and also moves that were hard to use.

• Close Standing Medium Punch is now at -4 frame disadvantage on block. This was -6 in Arcade Edition.

• Close Standing Medium Kick is +2 on hit, and +3 on block. This was -1 on block and +4 on hit in AE, so it's a big change.

• Adon's focus attack's hitbox size was increased so that it won't whiff on certain characters while crouching.

• All versions of Rising Jaguar got a horizontal hitbox increase on their first hits. This will prevent accidental cross-unders after an FADC of Rising Jaguar.

• Also, there is now one extra frame in Rising Jaguar where it can be FADCed. Thus now it is possible to follow up with Ultra 2.

• Ultra 1 hitbox adjusted so that it's less likely to whiff against standing opponents at close range. This will still whiff on crouching opponents, though.


We have made modifications taking into account the overall gameplay balance, as well as his potential for loop setups.

• Demon Flip Punch attack no longer an overhead and can be blocked low.

• Forward throw recovery has had two more frames added after an opponent has been thrown.

• When you cancel a teleport into Ultra 2, the damage has been increased to 421.


Changes made to his overall damage in Super SFIV AE have now been readjusted.

• Headbutt damage back to what it was in SSF4, Medium Punch 120, Hard Punch 140 and EX 150.

• Ultra 2 damage is 399, up from 300 in Arcade Edition.

• Hit properties on Dash Overhead changed so that it can combo into Crouching Medium Punch on all characters.

• Close Standing Hard Punch hitbox extended downwards so that it hits crouching characters that it used to whiff on.


• Each Rolling Attack (Beast Roll) gets an extra 10 in damage, so Light Punch 110, Medium Punch 120, Hard Punch 130, EX 120.

• Hard Punch and EX Rolling Attack: Any damage dealt during the first 2 frames, the ones you can FADC during, is now considered knockdown damage. For example in close range, cr.LK x2 -> LP -> H. Rolling Attack will now combo into a knockdown.

• EX Rolling Attack can now be FADCed within the first 2 frames in order to allow for bigger damage afterwards.

• Charged Rock Crusher gives Blanka a +5 frame advantage, so he can do Rock Crusher, c.MK, Hard Punch Rolling Attack as a combo.


Mostly unchanged except for a few things:

• Hard Kick Spiral Arrow: After much request, we have modified the active hit box back to the way it was in SSF4. Specifically, the first part of the move is active for 7 frames, and the second part is active for 12 frames, for a total of 19 frames. When combined with the buffs she received to her normal moves in Super SFIV AE, we feel it’ll be easier to combo her moves now.


• Head Stomps will come out when holding down-forward, not just down. They note that down-back doesn't work, though.

• Kintekishu (Back + Medium Kick) +3 advantage on counter hit, easier to hit confirm into the second hit.

• Her Sweep (Crouching Hard Kick) has 150 stun.

• Fireball startup is 9 frames, easier to use as anti air and in combos.

• They are fixing the bug where characters fell out of the Ultra 1 juggle in Arcade Edition.


One point we focused on were the knife attacks, that many people complained had little uses in a real match. We also changed his spacing ability and movement.

• Walk speed both forwards and backwards has been increased.

• Hammer Hook (Toward + Hard Punch) has been heavily revised in terms of frame advantage. If Hammer Hook lands on a standing opponent, then Cody is at +3 frame advantage. If he hits a crouching opponent with it he gets -1 frame disadvantage. If the move is guarded, Cody is at -4 frame disadvantage. You can also use this move while holding a knife.

• After connecting a Hammer Hook on a standing opponent, cr.LK xx MK Ruffian Kick followup combo is now possible.

• Bad Spray is now two hits and Super cancellable. You can now FADC the Bad Spray.

• Bad Spray, FADC into Final Destruction (Ultra 1) is now possible.

• Medium Ruffian Kick has had a hitbox size increase in the forward direction.

• EX Zonk Knuckle's first hit does further horizontal knockback.

• The blog notes that EX Zonk Knuckle -> FADC -> Final Destruction (Ultra 1) is a little easier now.

• Cody can now block during his Knife Pickup animation.

• Knife Standing Light Punch +6 on hit. This was +5 in AE.

• Knife Standing Medium Punch is +2 on hit. This was +3 in AE.

• Knife Standing Hard Punch is +3 on hit. This was +2 in AE.

• Knife Crouching Medium Punch now has 4 active frames, smaller arm hurtbox, making it harder to stuff.

• Knife Crouching Hard Punch is now a 7 frame start-up, easier to use as anti-air.

• Neutral/Forward jump Light Punch active for 10 frames.

Keeping in mind the overall balance, damage and specific move properties have been changed.

C. Viper

• Medium Punch Thunder Knuckle's damage reduced by 10, down to 110 damage.

• EX Thunder Knuckle startup reduced to 25 frames, but +2 recovery on hit. As start up time has been reduced, the move should be more useful in punishing an opponent’s back dash.

• EX Seismo's (Ground Pound) damage reduced by 20, down to 100 damage.

• Ultra 1 reduced to 441 damage, down from 480.

• Ultra 1 hitbox improved so it's easier to hit fully after Air Burn Kick and Hard Punch Thunder Knuckle.

• Ultra 2 damage increased to 410, up from 380 in Arcade Edition.

In a lot of ways we are aiming to make this the strongest version of Dan ever in a Street Fighter Series, so we have changed many things.


• Pushback from his close Standing Hard Kick has been shortened, to allow a follow up close ranged attack when it hits properly.

• Close Medium Punch now starts up in 5 frames. This was 6 in Arcade Edition.

• Crouching Hard Kick now starts up in 10 frames. This was 11 in Arcade Edition.

• The combo cl.HK, cl.MP, cr.MK xx EX Dankukyaku is now possible. Also if the cl.MP is a counter hit, you can now follow up with a sweep for a guaranteed knockdown.

• Reduced the height limit on Air EX Dankukyaku (Dan Kicks), they can be done from the 7th airborne frame now. Stun was reduced to 250.

• Dragon Punch, FADC, EX Air Dankukyaku can be done now.

• Air Hard Kick Dankukyaku now deals 150 damage instead of 120.

• Hard Kick Dankukyaku now deals 130 damage instead of 120.

• Dan's Jumping and Crouching Taunt build meter now. 70 on hit, 30 on block.

• Dan's Super Hissho Buraiken has been altered so that it's harder for characters to have hits whiff against them. However, the blog notes this buff won't work if you activate from too far away.

Dee Jay

We’ve focused on helping him with his lack of power, and buffing his hard-to-use Ultra 1, Sobat Festival.

• Far Standing Medium Punch hit box size has been enlarged towards the front, now allowing him to cancel into a super move, similar to Ryu. As it does 90 damage, sometimes players might want to trade hits in order to setup something bigger.

• The amount of time that a "Counter Hit" can be registered on Dee Jay after he fires an Air Slasher (Fireball) has been decreased.

• Double Rolling Sobat (Dread Kicks) got a damage increase. Light 80 -> 90, Medium 100 -> 110, Hard 120 -> 130.

• Fixed problem with the Medium Kick Double Rolling Sobat where the second hit would whiff after the 1st hit.

• Dee Jay can now cancel out of Sobat Carnival (Super) into Sobat Festival (Ultra 1). This makes him, according to the blog, the only other character besides Dan who can cancel a Super directly into Ultra. If you land both it does around 570 damage. The cancel timing is right before the last hit of Sobat Carnival, so if you can input the Ultra command in time you can cancel into the Ultra.


Without influencing the total balance too much, the damage on a number of his moves has been modified, and the goal of making the character easier to use was kept in mind for changes.

• Yoga Inferno (Super move) damage 75 x 2, 60 x 3 for a total of 330 damage. This did 300 damage in Arcade Edition.

• EX Yoga Blast damage is 140 still, but damage between the two hits has been redistributed by adding 20 to the first hit and subtracting 20 from the second, resulting in 90 + 50. Thus, returns from the initial hit are increased a little.

• Standing Light Punch active for 4 frames. But other frame info unaltered.

• Hurtbox on Medium and Hard Punch Yoga Blasts reduced.

• Can follow up a Hard Punch Yoga Blast with additional moves for a combo.


We have tried to increase his total potential by revising his moves and attributes.

• Standing Hard Kick is now +7 on counter-hit. The blog notes that if you land a counter-hit standing Hard Kick and cancel into Light Ducking, you'll still be at +4.

• Neutral jump Light Punch got a hitbox size buff and the active frames were increased.

• Neutral Jump Hard Punch startup changed to 6 frames, the active frames were increased and the hitbox was extended in size. It started up in 8 frames in AE.

• Angled jumping Light and Medium Punch have had their active times lengthened.

• Dudley's Level 1 Focus Attack has an extra frame of blockstun, when it's guarded. This means that if you dash forward after a Level 1 Focus Attack is guarded, Dudley is now at -3.

• Medium and Hard Short Swing Blow attacks had their hurtbox on Dudley's lower body reduced, it's also easier to connect against a crouching opponent with this.

• EX Thunderbolt does not flash yellow right away and the sound is delayed a bit too, to keep it more ambiguous.

• Thunderbolts no longer lose out as often against airborne opponent's attacks. On hit, opponent cannot tech roll afterwards.

• You can now Super Cancel Dudley's rose taunt. This also means that you can FADC it.

• Dudley's Ultra 1 will now strike more hits against an airborne opponent. [Translator's note: The blog might be talking about making Dudley's Ultra 1 and Ibuki's Ultra 2 so that they juggle non-cinematic like Yun and Yang's do.]

El Fuerte

We aimed to make him more fun for players who use him, so without affecting the overall balance too much, we have made some changes.

• Invincibility returned on Propeller Tortilla, like it was in SSF4. It's invincible after startup now.

• Reduced charge time on EX Quesadilla Bomb from 390 frames down to 210 frames.

• EX Quesadilla Bomb on counter-hit now does a wallbounce damage.

• From mid-screen after the wall bounce you can do Habanero Dash -> Gordita Sobat. If you are near the corners instead you can follow up with a Guacamole Leg Throw.

• Quesadilla Bomb's recovery was reduced by 10 frames after the move hits for the normal level 3 charge and EX versions of the move.

• Crouching Light Punch can be chain cancelled into other light attacks.

• Another bug was fixed which caused certain characters to fall out of HP -> Habanero Dash -> Calamari Slide.

Evil Ryu

• Health and stun both increased to 900, these were previously 850.

• Far Standing Hard Kick has a bigger hitbox.

• Sweep starts up in 6 frames now, this was 7 frames in AE.

• Far Standing Hard Punch causes a knockdown on counter hit.

• Target Combo's standing Hard Punch causes a knockdown now and can be followed up with an FADC for even bigger damage.

• You can now cancel the Hop Kick into an Air Hurricane Kick. This includes EX. If you are in the corner, you can combo Hop Kick -> Air EX Hurricane Kick -> Ultra 1 or Axe Kick.

• One more frame of invincibility on Medium Dragon Punch.

• Hard Axe Kick now has 26 frames of startup and can be comboed into. Damage and stun on the move has been reduced to 130 and 150, respectively, and has same properties as Medium version to go for additional hits. This attack did 140 damage and 200 stun in AE. It started up in 27 frames before.

• Light Axe Kick on hit gives +1 frame advantage, and the startup on the EX version is 21 frames now. It was 22 frames in AE.

• Landing the Medium or Hard Axe Kick against an airborne opponent causes an untechable knockdown.

• Raging Demon damage increased by 20, doing 370 damage now.

• The amount of time to charge Ultra 1 to full power has been decreased. As an example, you can now land a fully charged Ultra 1 after a Level 2 Focus crumple. A combo example; EX Hadouken -> Level 2 FA crumple -> Full Ultra 1 animation.

E. Honda

• Light Punch Headbutt gets its upper body invincibility back. However, any damage done when it's in this invincible state has been toned down to 100 points.

• Lower body invincibility has been added to the Medium Punch Headbutt. SSF4 players who devised strategies for the light version will be able to come up with new technology for this move as well.

Fei Long

For this character, which has great tools for dominating horizontal space and other top class attributes, we took the overall gameplay balance into account when making these changes.

• For the light, medium and hard Rekka Kens, we have adjusted the block stun for the second Rekka hit. Specifically, for a blocked second Rekka, Fei Long now receives:

Light: -8 frames, Medium: -10 frames, Hard: -12 frames of disadvantage.

• Second hit Rekkas have less pushback now, so it's easier to punish on block.

• For light and medium Rekka Kens, the second hit does half as much chip damage.

• Flame Kick's damage has been revised.
Light: 120 -> 110 Medium: 140 -> 120 Hard: 160 -> 150 EX: 200 -> 190

• If you FADC a Flame Kick (any version) after the first hit, on block it is now -1.

• Hard Kick Chicken Wing's damage has been revised. It is now 35+35+30 for a total of 100.

• They've modified the hitboxes of all Chicken Wings in a way that they're less likely to cross-up, but still possible.

• Fei Long can no longer do a half loop combo on certain characters with Close MP -> EX Chicken Wing.

• For both close standing and far standing LP, hitstun has been decreased by 1 frame. On hit it is now +5, so you can't combo into certain moves now.

• Crouching MP's damage has been reduced from 65 to 55.

• Damage for his overhead (Toward + MK) has been increased from 60 to 70.


In order to change him into a more technical character, we have made specific buffs.

• Crane stance cr.HP now only receives 1.25 counter hit damage when Gen is hit.

• Increased the active frames of Crane Crouching Hard Kick by 5.

• When the final hit of Medium and Hard Kick Gekiro comes out, you build +10 meter.

• The final hit of a Hard Kick Gekiro performs an untechable knockdown now.

• EX Jyasen properties have changed drastically. First off, depending on the button combinations (light + medium, light + hard, medium + hard), the movement distance and number of damage hits will change, in addition to Gen being invincible to projectiles until the completion of hit detection. Also for all strengths of Jyasen, whether the attack right before the final part hits or is blocked, the opponent recovery has been increased by 4 frames. So after a FADC, Gen is +6 on hit, and +2 on block, giving him an advantage.

• Mantis Ultra 2 (Shitenketsu) has reduced startup from 9 to 7 frames.


• The blog states Gouken has received the largest adjustments so far.

• Gouken's Denjin Hadouken (Ultra 2) has received many changes. The largest difference is that now depending on the number of times you spin the lever from the super flash to execution, you can increase the speed of the projectile up to 3 levels. The fastest speed is about 2 times as fast as the current speed, leading to more opportunities for it to hit.. This is how Ryu's Denjin fireball worked in Street Fighter 3 Third Strike.

Which attack level you get depends on how long you hold the move, and is not related to the Ultra Combo gauge amount. The specific frames are:
Level 1 – 13 frames
Level 2 – 17 frames
Level 3 – 37 frames
Level 4 – 57 frames
Level 5 – 80 frames

• Also, 45 more damage added to all the "levels" of Denjin Hadouken charges. For example, a level 1 attack will do 300 damage, and a level 5 attack will do 540 damage.

• All of Gouken's Running Palms got altered. Hitbox size on Light Running Palm increased towards the front. Medium Palm Strike has been changed to be the same as Light Palm Strike in SSF4. Hard Palm Strike has been changed to be the same as Medium Palm Strike was in Super. These changes will make the moves much more useful than before.

• Gouken's counters have a larger counter-box around his body, so it will be easier to intercept attacks. Stun for each counter increased from 150 to 200.

• Hit stun on cr.HP has been increased, allowing for close MP -> cr.HP -> EX Palm Strike to hit characters that it would previously whiff on.


• Balance adjustments centered around the changes made to him from Super to Arcade Edition.

• The frames in which Guile could be counter-hit after Sonic Boom have been eliminated.

• Air throws have 3 frames of startup now, this is down from 4 in Arcade Edition.

• Toward + Hard Punch does 100 damage, up from 90 in SSF4 AE.

• Can't be thrown out of upside down kick from the 6th frame until the last active frame.


Keeping his same fighting style, we’ve focused on improving the strengths of his moves.

• The hitbox on Guy's Neutral Jump Hard Punch has been increased in size.

• Angled jump Medium Punch and angled jump Hard Kick have also received expansions to their hitboxes and hurtboxes. For the most part it will be easier to hit opponents beneath you now after these changes.

• The blog notes that when it says hitbox size increase, it mostly means they extended the bottom for each one.

• Guy's ground throw range has been increased. The blog says that it's now the same as Ryu's.

• Elbow Drop (command normal version) can now be activated with the joystick in the down-back or down-toward position.

• If you choose not to perform an attack after the Izuna Flip, this includes the EX version, Guy's landing recovery has been removed. This way you can choose to land right in front of the opponent to go for a normal throw, or try to bait out an attack to go for a counter.

• EX Hurricane Kick got a hitbox adjustment so that the opponent gets juggled into all of the hits easier. It no longer will easily whiff versus opponents who jump in, or specific characters who have a low crouch.

• Neck Flip was changed so the move won’t fly over opponents who are crouched in close proximity.

• His retreat speed has been sped up, which makes it easier to control distance with the opponent.

• Increased movement distance on Bushin Goraisenpujin (Ultra 1).

• Increased throw range on Bushin Muso Renge (Ultra 2).


We wanted to wipe away the image that he is a weak character, so we made a number of buffs.

• Hakan gets oiled from the start of the match.

• Neutral Jump Light Kick hitbox is bigger.

• Neutral Jump Light Punch is active 8 frames.

• Neutral Jump Medium Punch is active 4 frames.

• Jumping Light Punch is active 8 frames.

• Crouching Hard Punch now hits twice.

• Toward + Medium Punch has a smaller vulnerability area during the start of hit detection.

• Hakan now slides when you do Guard Position (Command Crouch) from a dash and you're oiled, applies to both forward and back dashes.

• Oil Slide does more stun; if you input Oil Shower follow-up, the slide does 100 stun. If you do the Body Press follow-up, 150 stun total during the press. This means you won't miss your combo chances if you stun an opponent with the slide.

• Oil Dive's trajectory and reach revised, buffing Hard Kick and EX.

• Medium and Hard Oil Dive, when whiffing a crouching opponent, will go past your opponent to make punishing him harder.

• Light Kick Oil Dive has a faster startup, Medium Kick has the old LK startup, Hard Kick has the old MK startup.

• Dive won't whiff against shorter characters if they're standing.

• Hakan's Super activates faster, throw priority has been increased and, like Oil Dive, Medium and Hard versions can pass over crouching opponents. LK and MK have a faster startup.


We’ve made improvements where we can, along with revising some of her other attributes.

• Bonsho Kick (Toward + Hard Kick) is now +1 on hit, -3 on block and +5 on counter-hit. It also has a different movement trajectory, will hit crouching opponents more easily. This attack used to be -1 on hit and -5 on block in AE.

• Hammer Kick (Toward + Medium Kick) startup time reduced by one frame, it now starts up in 25 frames.

• Tsujigoe (Command Jump) is throw invincible until Ibuki is airborne, from activation until 12 frames and has a smaller hurtbox, making low attacks are easier to dodge; can Super cancel from an earlier timing than before. This way you can fake a normal right in your opponent’s face and then go for her Super.

• Yoroi Toshi's (Ultra 1) fireball release after a whiffed grab will now combo into full hits if it lands on an airborne opponent.

• Yoroi Toshi's fireball will also fully connect against a backdashing opponent, if your spacing is correct.

• Ibuki's Ultra 2 has been altered so that it juggles airborne opponents. The blog had a hard time explaining this one, but basically after a Level 2 Focus Attack, and allowing the opponent to crumple, all hits of Ultra 2 will still land. This might be the non-cinematic juggle like Yang and Yun can do.


Based on the overall gameplay, we modified her so that she is able to attack in a more technical manner.

• Faster toward dash during Feng Shui Engine (Ultra 1), further reach.

• Close Medium Kick 2nd hit has a larger hitbox, less likely to whiff when the 1st hits.

• Focus Attack hitbox revised, will hit smaller characters, when crouching, etc.

• Fuhajin (Fireball) kick attack damage to 50.

• Senpusha (Pinwheel): LK is has 5 frame extra advantage on first hit; MK, HK have 5 frame extra advantage on 1st, 2nd hit; EX has 5 frame extra advantage on 2nd hit.

• Senpusha -> FADC -> Kaisen Dankairaku (Ultra 2) now possible.

• EX Senpusha has an extra frame of invincibility during Feng Shui Engine for the first hit.

• EX Shikusen (dive kick) trajectory can be changed by the kick buttons used during Feng Shui. LK+MK: Same trajectory as before; MK+HK: Same as normal MK version, LK+HK: Same as normal HK version; LK+MK+HK has the same trajectory as before.

• Juri now gains 1/3 meter during Feng Shui Engine, improved from no meter gain.


His play style will be similar to its current form, and some small changes will be made.

• Target combo hits easier on crouching opponents, can also delay the inputs.

• EX Shoryuken damage 80+30+30+50, for 190 total. This did 180 damage in Arcade Edition.


She showed her explosive power in AE, so we’ve reconsidered some points by looking at the overall balance of the game.

• Reduced health from 1,000 to 950, back to SSF4 value.

• Fukiage (Upwards Punch) damage for LP, MP, HP reduced by 10, it does 90 damage now. EX went from 140 to 120

• EX Karakusa (Grab and Choke) has less range, it's now the same as the Light Version which is 0.93. The range on this was 0.98 in Arcade Edition.

• Standing Hard Kick has a lower extended hitbox.

• Target Combo 1's Standing Medium Kick can be cancelled, like the normal version.

• Tanden Renki (Super Combo) is 3 seconds longer.

• Neutral Jumping Medium Punch has a forward extended hitbox and hurtbox.

• Hayate (Dash Punch) have improved properties on charge.

• Hayate changes: Light Punch Lv3, Lv4 and Medium Punch Lv4 have further forward movement, all Lv4 strengths are -2 on guard

• All Lv5 Hayate strengths break armor, further forward movement, from 170 to 190 damage.

• Can tell when you reach Lv5 charge timing by Makoto's voice.

M. Bison

• Scissor Kick stun changed to 100/50 (150 total) on all strengths. Previously the Light and Medium Scissor Kicks did 100 stun.

• First hit causes 1 frame of extra hitstun, so if you Focus Attack Dash Cancel the first hit you can have +5 advantage at best.


• Stamina increased from 950 to 1,000.

• EX Dragon Punch leads to an untechable knockdown if the first hit connects.

• EX Hurricane Kick is more likely to give you the full hits (though it sounds like you still might get some hit whiffs).

• Demon Slash has lower extended hitbox, easier to hit low stance or crouching characters.

• Raging Demon's damage increased from 350 to 370, regardless if it's ground or air.

• With Ultra 1, when you aim it upwards, it's 9 frames on startup, this previously started up in 10 frames. From 0 frame to the second active frame (inclusive), is completely invincible (so from 0 frames to 10 frames).


The main focus has been readjusting some changes that players were unhappy with from the previous games.

• Soul Spark meter gain raised by 10, it's 30 now.

• Soul Satellite's (Ultra 2) startup frames reduced from 7 to 5.

• Soul Piede (Toward + Hard Kick) has had its properties changed to almost what they were in Vanilla SF4. Recovery has been shortened by 4 frames, the hit box has been moved more to the front, and the hittable area has been reduced.

• Close Standing Medium Kick is +4 on hit, making it easier to combo into Crouching Light Punch, as well as making it possible to combo into Crouching Medium Punch. This move was +3 on hit in AE.

• A glitch was fixed with Crouching Medium Kick where only Rose would receive counter hit damage when trading hits with an opponent.


The character’s overall balance will remain the same, and we are just making certain moves that people have been unhappy with in the past, easier to use this time around.

• If you use Ultra 2 as an anti-air, you get a bit more damage than before, landing 10 hits and about 236 damage.

• The follow up Light Kick (Flip) attack after doing an Medium Messiah Kick will combo now. It didn't combo before in Arcade Edition.


The biggest change is to his Metsu Shoryuken (Ultra 2), we made it much easier to use.

First, we improved its function as an anti air. The vertical hitbox is larger and it is easy to the the lock (full ultra) hit.

Also, if you manage to get a good read on your opponent and land a counter hit EX Fireball, you can combo into Ultra 2. You will only get the full ultra if the EX Fireball counter hit the opponent. For example, if you threw out a Crouching Medium Kick and it was focused you could then do EX Fireball ? FADC ? Dash ? U2. You could get 500+ damage with this, giving you a chance to make a comeback in one shot. If you are very close to your opponent, you could combo Ultra 2 off an EX Fireball without a focus cancel.

Other things

The effective frames for the "brake" on a rising Air Hurricane Kick has been reduced by 3 frames (from the front of the "brake" frames). When you use it on these frames, the trajectory of your Hurricane Kick will change (larger window for a "normal" air Hurricane Kick).

Solar Plexus Strike is now 40+60, giving you 100 points of damage.

You can combo into Crouching Hard Kick no matter what your opponent's character is from a Close Standing Hard Kick.


As the character already boasts a number of strong tools at his disposal, he will remain unchanged for the most part.

• Angry Scar Tiger Uppercut damage increased: LP, MP and EX add +10 damage.


• Fixed the hitbox on the EX Hurricane Kick. cr.LK cr.LP cr.HP xx EX Hurricane will always work now.

• EX Fireball damage increased. Level 1 release now does 120, Level 2 release does 130.


Without changing the current character base, we have modified a few specific points.

• Tanden Stream damage reduced to 340. This was 380 in AE.

• cr.HP -> Tanden Stream: Upon the combo hit, the Tanden Stream will now do full damage. We have also made it so that Seth is invincible after the first hit of the Ultra, so that the animation is not interrupted midway through.

• Jumping HP (both angled and neutral) now has four more active frames. Overall frame data in terms of startup and recovery were not changed.

• Neutral Jump Medium Kick: After hit detection has ended, the leg area (lower body) is invincible to projectiles.

• Sometimes when hitting someone with Seth's jumping Hard Kick, recoil would prevent Seth from comboing into Crouching Light or Medium Punch. This has been fixed.

T. Hawk

Taking into account the rest of the cast, various changes have been made.

• During Crouching Hard Kick, T. Hawk's head is invincible, so he can duck under things such as Sagat's High Tiger shots. Also, the blockstun for this attack has been increased by 2 frames to stop people from jumping away from the 2nd hit.

• The body press command normal (down + HP) can now be used during a neutral jump.

• Thrust Peak (Down-Torward + LP) has less frame disadvantage on hit, now it's -2 on hit.

• Medium Tomahawk Buster is now airborne at the beginning, which means the move is throw invincible.

• Condor Spire's input shortcut was improved, but the blog didn't say how.


We thought that Claw players would only want a few more improvements, so we changed a couple of small things.

• Crouching Hard Kick damage increased to 110, same as SSF4.

• +1 more frame of hitstun on the opponent after a Cosmic Heel, making it -3 at worst.

• Sky High Claw causes a knockdown when it hits a grounded opponent.

• Ultra 1 hitbox when he hits with the knee on the way up, the hitbox has been greatly expanded to prevent people from falling out.

• Ultra 2 startup changed to 8 frames. It had 9 frames of startup in Arcade Edition.


We have revised his risk/return and made him into a more technical character that must be used with skill.

• Target Combo 2 damage reduced to 130 and the second attack is -7 on block.

• Standing Light Kick's startup increased by two frames for a total of five. However, it keeps the original startup time during Yang's Super.

• Crouching Light Kick's damage reduced from 30 to 20. Upward hurtbox extended.

• Crouching Medium Punch's damage reduced from 80 to 70, and now inflicts 60 damage during his Super.

• Far Standing Medium Punch had its hitbox moved backwards, meaning less range on the attack.

• Jumping Medium Kick's hitbox was altered so it is not as easy to cross up with as before.

• All versions of the dive kick have a larger hurtbox. 2 frames of extra landing recovery were added to all dive kicks and the stun for each was reduced from 100 to 50.

• Light Roll Kick is only invulnerable to projectiles up until frame 5, Medium version has no projectile invulnerability.

• Hitbox on all Roll Kicks were reduced horizontally and have an extra four frames of recovery on block.

• EX Zenpou Tenshin (Flip Grab) has less reach, starts up in 8 frames, and is no longer invincible to throws. In AE this move started up in 7 frames.

• Final hit of Mantis Slashes for all versions does 60 damage. EX Mantis Slashes are now a true blockstring if guarded, meaning there are no frame gaps between any of the slashes.

• Medium and Hard Palm Strike meter gain on whiff reduced from 20 to 10 and all regular versions of the Palm, including the feint, have two extra frames of recovery.

• Hard Palm Strike's damage has been reduced from 150 to 140, chip reduced to 30, stun from 250 to 200; Also, the Medium and Hard Palms now have four fewer active frames.

• Sei'ei Enbu (Super) lasts a second shorter and certain moves do less chip while it is activated.

• Ultra 1 max damage reduced from 480 to 450.

• Ultra 2 startup is 3 frames slower and the damage has been reduced from 440 to 410. The last hit of the non-cinematic Ultra 2 now does 90 damage

• Stun changed to 950, down from 1,000.


We eliminated things that made him a scrubby character, and made it so that players with strong technical skills will be able to shine when using him.

• Target Combo 2 now does 120 damage, down from 150.

• Target Combo 3 now does 120 damage, down from 150.

• Target Combo 4 now does 130 damage, down from 160/170. The second hit of the move is now -6 on block, when it used to be -3.

• Target Combo 5 now does 70 damage, down from 90.

• Crouching Light Kick has an upward extended hurtbox.

• Crouching Medium Punch damage reduced to 50, was previously 60.

• There is now a higher height restriction on all dive kicks.

• All dive kicks get an additional +2 frame landing stun. Also on hit and block, opponent gets an extra +2 frame stun. Now Yun players must be wary of how to attack and the use of the different versions of the move.

• Yun's Senpukyaku (Overhead) now does 80 damage instead of 85 during his Super.

• All versions of Zenpou Tenshin (Flip Grab) were slowed down to 11 frame startup each. EX Zenpou Tenshin now has a startup of 8 frames, and has lost its throw invincibility.

• EX Lunge Punch active frames for each hit were altered from 7/2 active to 6/3 active. Also the move is now -1 when blocked from close range.

• Palm Strike meter gain reduced to +20 meter on whiff.

• Palm Feint is now 25 frames overall, whereas the regular Palm Strike is now in motion for 45 frames.

• Palm Strike damage reduced from 160 to 140, stun reduced from 250 to 200, chip damage reduced to 30, active frames reduced from 15 to 10.

• Light Upkicks now only has invulnerability covering up until the first active frame of the move.

• More landing recovery on all versions of Up Kicks (including EX).

• MK Upkick damage nerfed from 130 to 110.

• Hard Punch Shoulder's damage was reduced from 140 to 100, and the EX version had its damage reduced from 80+70(150) to 90+40(130). During the projectile invincible parts of the move, Yun's hurtbox against physical strikes has been increased.

• Gen'ei Jin has had its active time shortened by one second.


• Light Punch Spinning Pile Driver does 150 stun. Up from 100 in Arcade Edition.

• EX Green Hand (Banishing Flat) damage 90+50 for a total of 140. Stun 100+50 for a total of 150. Damage in Arcade Edition was 130 and stun was 100.

• Adjusted the hitbox on Crouching Light Punch to fix a problem where the move would whiff on certain crouching characters after a jump attack and you tried to combo with it.

• Hurtbox for Crouching Hard Kick reduced in height, making it easier to pass under certain attacks.

Change notes translated by Nyoro, Capcom-Unity and USD.

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