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Part 2 of Super Street Fighter 4 AE v2012 changes from Japanese dev team

Posted by Jon 'Catalyst' Grey • August 23, 2011 at 11:02 p.m. PDT • Comments: 291
Part 2 of Super Street Fighter 4 AE v2012 changes from Japanese dev team Updated: Nyoro spent a ton of time translating a fair majority of the notes you see below for the community. There are now details on all 13 characters that were included in the blog entry for today, also some of the characters that weren't very fleshed out have received new additions to their write ups.

Following up on the article yesterday the Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition development team has a new entry up today which documents changes to Rufus, El Fuerte, Abel, Seth, Akuma, Gouken, Cammy, Fei Long, Sakura, Rose, Gen, Dan and T. Hawk.

Hop the link to check out what's currently posted.


• The blog states Gouken has received the largest adjustments so far.

• Gouken's Denjin Hadouken (Ultra 2) has received many changes. The largest difference is that now depending on the number of times you spin the lever from the super flash to execution, you can increase the speed of the projectile up to 3 levels. The fastest speed is about 2 times as fast as the current speed, leading to more opportunities for it to hit.. This is how Ryu's Denjin fireball worked in Street Fighter 3 Third Strike.

Which attack level you get depends on how long you hold the move, and is not related to the Ultra Combo gauge amount. The specific frames are:
Level 1 – 13 frames
Level 2 – 17 frames
Level 3 – 37 frames
Level 4 – 57 frames
Level 5 – 80 frames

• Also, 45 more damage added to all the "levels" of Denjin Hadouken charges. For example, a level 1 attack will do 300 damage, and a level 5 attack will do 540 damage.

• All of Gouken's Running Palms got altered. Hitbox size on Light Running Palm increased towards the front. Medium Palm Strike has been changed to be the same as Light Palm Strike in SSF4. Hard Palm Strike has been changed to be the same as Medium Palm Strike was in Super. These changes will make the moves much more useful than before.

• Gouken's counters have a larger counter-box around his body, so it will be easier to intercept attacks. Stun for each counter increased from 150 to 200.

• Hit stun on cr.HP has been increased, allowing for close MP -> cr.HP -> EX Palm Strike to hit characters that it would previously whiff on.

T. Hawk

Taking into account the rest of the cast, various changes have been made.

• During Crouching Hard Kick, T. Hawk's head is invincible, so he can duck under things such as Sagat's High Tiger shots. Also, the blockstun for this attack has been increased by 2 frames to stop people from jumping away from the 2nd hit.

• The body press command normal (down + HP) can now be used during a neutral jump.

• Thrust Peak (Down-Torward + LP) has less frame disadvantage on hit, now it's -2 on hit.

• Medium Tomahawk Buster is now airborne at the beginning, which means the move is throw invincible.

• Condor Spire's input shortcut was improved, but the blog didn't say how.

In a lot of ways we are aiming to make this the strongest version of Dan ever in a Street Fighter Series, so we have changed many things.


• Pushback from his close Standing Hard Kick has been shortened, to allow a follow up close ranged attack when it hits properly.

• Close Medium Punch now starts up in 5 frames. This was 6 in Arcade Edition.

• Crouching Hard Kick now starts up in 10 frames. This was 11 in Arcade Edition.

• The combo cl.HK, cl.MP, cr.MK xx EX Dankukyaku is now possible. Also if the cl.MP is a counter hit, you can now follow up with a sweep for a guaranteed knockdown.

• Reduced the height limit on Air EX Dankukyaku (Dan Kicks), they can be done from the 7th airborne frame now. Stun was reduced to 250.

• Dragon Punch, FADC, EX Air Dankukyaku can be done now.

• Air Hard Kick Dankukyaku now deals 150 damage instead of 120.

• Hard Kick Dankukyaku now deals 130 damage instead of 120.

• Dan's Jumping and Crouching Taunt build meter now. 70 on hit, 30 on block.

• Dan's Super Hissho Buraiken has been altered so that it's harder for characters to have hits whiff against them. However, the blog notes this buff won't work if you activate from too far away.


In order to change him into a more technical character, we have made specific buffs.

• Crane stance cr.HP now only receives 1.25 counter hit damage when Gen is hit.

• Increased the active frames of Crane Crouching Hard Kick by 5.

• When the final hit of Medium and Hard Kick Gekiro comes out, you build +10 meter.

• The final hit of a Hard Kick Gekiro performs an untechable knockdown now.

• EX Jyasen properties have changed drastically. First off, depending on the button combinations (light + medium, light + hard, medium + hard), the movement distance and number of damage hits will change, in addition to Gen being invincible to projectiles until the completion of hit detection. Also for all strengths of Jyasen, whether the attack right before the final part hits or is blocked, the opponent recovery has been increased by 4 frames. So after a FADC, Gen is +6 on hit, and +2 on block, giving him an advantage.

• Mantis Ultra 2 (Shitenketsu) has reduced startup from 9 to 7 frames.


• Fixed the hitbox on the EX Hurricane Kick. cr.LK cr.LP cr.HP xx EX Hurricane will always work now.

• EX Fireball damage increased. Level 1 release now does 120, Level 2 release does 130.


Without changing the current character base, we have modified a few specific points.

• Tanden Stream damage reduced to 340. This was 380 in AE.

• cr.HP -> Tanden Stream: Upon the combo hit, the Tanden Stream will now do full damage. We have also made it so that Seth is invincible after the first hit of the Ultra, so that the animation is not interrupted midway through.

• Jumping HP (both angled and neutral) now has four more active frames. Overall frame data in terms of startup and recovery were not changed.

• Neutral Jump Medium Kick: After hit detection has ended, the leg area (lower body) is invincible to projectiles.

• Sometimes when hitting someone with Seth's jumping Hard Kick, recoil would prevent Seth from comboing into Crouching Light or Medium Punch. This has been fixed.


Mostly unchanged except for a few things:

• Hard Kick Spiral Arrow: After much request, we have modified the active hit box back to the way it was in SSF4. Specifically, the first part of the move is active for 7 frames, and the second part is active for 12 frames, for a total of 19 frames. When combined with the buffs she received to her normal moves in Super SFIV AE, we feel it’ll be easier to combo her moves now.


We’ve reviewed changes that were made from SSF4, and have made his strong points more obvious this time around.

• Crouching Hard Punch's hitbox returned to it's SSF4 status where you could use it as an anti-air.

• All Tornado Throws do 10+ more damage. Light: 160, Medium: 180, Hard/EX: 200

• The second low hit of Abel's Change of Direction had its hit stun modified so that Second Low -> FADC gives you a maximum of +9 frames of advantage. Utilizing this, you can now do the combo Second Low -> FADC -> cr.HP -> Ultra 1.

• Breathless (Ultra 2) is now invincible to attacks during the initial charge start up, until the beginning of hit detection.


The character’s overall balance will remain the same, and we are just making certain moves that people have been unhappy with in the past, easier to use this time around.

• If you use Ultra 2 as an anti-air, you get a bit more damage than before, landing 10 hits and about 236 damage.

• The follow up Light Kick (Flip) attack after doing an Medium Messiah Kick will combo now. It didn't combo before in Arcade Edition.

El Fuerte

We aimed to make him more fun for players who use him, so without affecting the overall balance too much, we have made some changes.

• Invincibility returned on Propeller Tortilla, like it was in SSF4. It's invincible after startup now.

• Reduced charge time on EX Quesadilla Bomb from 390 frames down to 210 frames.

• EX Quesadilla Bomb on counter-hit now does a wallbounce damage.

• From mid-screen after the wall bounce you can do Habanero Dash -> Gordita Sobat. If you are near the corners instead you can follow up with a Guacamole Leg Throw.

• Quesadilla Bomb's recovery was reduced by 10 frames after the move hits for the normal level 3 charge and EX versions of the move.

• Crouching Light Punch can be chain cancelled into other light attacks.

• Another bug was fixed which caused certain characters to fall out of HP -> Habanero Dash -> Calamari Slide.


We have made modifications taking into account the overall gameplay balance, as well as his potential for loop setups.

• Demon Flip Punch attack no longer an overhead and can be blocked low.

• Forward throw recovery has had two more frames added after an opponent has been thrown.

• When you cancel a teleport into Ultra 2, the damage has been increased to 421.

Fei Long

For this character, which has great tools for dominating horizontal space and other top class attributes, we took the overall gameplay balance into account when making these changes.

• For the light, medium and hard Rekka Kens, we have adjusted the block stun for the second Rekka hit. Specifically, for a blocked second Rekka, Fei Long now receives:

Light: -8 frames, Medium: -10 frames, Hard: -12 frames of disadvantage.

• Second hit Rekkas have less pushback now, so it's easier to punish on block.

• For light and medium Rekka Kens, the second hit does half as much chip damage.

• Flame Kick's damage has been revised.
Light: 120 -> 110 Medium: 140 -> 120 Hard: 160 -> 150 EX: 200 -> 190

• If you FADC a Flame Kick (any version) after the first hit, on block it is now -1.

• Hard Kick Chicken Wing's damage has been revised. It is now 35+35+30 for a total of 100.

• They've modified the hitboxes of all Chicken Wings in a way that they're less likely to cross-up, but still possible.

• Fei Long can no longer do a half loop combo on certain characters with Close MP -> EX Chicken Wing.

• For both close standing and far standing LP, hitstun has been decreased by 1 frame. On hit it is now +5, so you can't combo into certain moves now.

• Crouching MP's damage has been reduced from 65 to 55.

• Damage for his overhead (Toward + MK) has been increased from 60 to 70.


The main focus has been readjusting some changes that players were unhappy with from the previous games.

• Soul Spark meter gain raised by 10, it's 30 now.

• Soul Satellite's (Ultra 2) startup frames reduced from 7 to 5.

• Soul Piede (Toward + Hard Kick) has had its properties changed to almost what they were in Vanilla SF4. Recovery has been shortened by 4 frames, the hit box has been moved more to the front, and the hittable area has been reduced.

• Close Standing Medium Kick is +4 on hit, making it easier to combo into Crouching Light Punch, as well as making it possible to combo into Crouching Medium Punch. This move was +3 on hit in AE.

• A glitch was fixed with Crouching Medium Kick where only Rose would receive counter hit damage when trading hits with an opponent.

Translations provided by Nyoro, Capcom-Unity, Kitzkozan, Xeedoc, Poe22222, KIRBYSIM and Trike. Some things via SRK forums.

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