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Translation of Super Street Fighter 4 AE v2012 blog changes

Posted by Jon 'Catalyst' Grey • August 22, 2011 at 9:14 p.m. PDT • Comments: 302
Translation of Super Street Fighter 4 AE v2012 blog changes Updated: This entry has undergone several updates since it went live and now includes more characters and additional change notes about damage and stun values that have been altered from SSF4 Arcade Edition.

A translation is up from the recent Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition developer blog which lists some of the changes the Japanese developers are looking at implementing in the version 2012 balance updates.

This contains change log information on Ryu, Chun-Li, Ken, E. Honda, Blanka, Zangief, Guile, Dhalsim, Balrog (Boxer), Sagat, C. Viper, Vega (Claw) and M. Bison (Dictator).

Hit the jump to check them out. And check back tomorrow, as the development team will cover another 13 characters.


The biggest change is to his Metsu Shoryuken (Ultra 2), we made it much easier to use.

First, we improved its function as an anti air. The vertical hitbox is larger and it is easy to the the lock (full ultra) hit.

Also, if you manage to get a good read on your opponent and land a counter hit EX Fireball, you can combo into Ultra 2. You will only get the full ultra if the EX Fireball counter hit the opponent. For example, if you threw out a Crouching Medium Kick and it was focused you could then do EX Fireball → FADC → Dash → U2. You could get 500+ damage with this, giving you a chance to make a comeback in one shot. If you are very close to your opponent, you could combo Ultra 2 off an EX Fireball without a focus cancel.

Other things

The effective frames for the "brake" on a rising Air Hurricane Kick has been reduced by 3 frames (from the front of the "brake" frames). When you use it on these frames, the trajectory of your Hurricane Kick will change (larger window for a "normal" air Hurricane Kick).

Solar Plexus Strike is now 40+60, giving you 100 points of damage.

You can combo into Crouching Hard Kick no matter what your opponent's character is from a Close Standing Hard Kick.


• Head Stomps will come out when holding down-forward, not just down. They note that down-back doesn't work, though.

• Kintekishu (Back + Medium Kick) +3 advantage on counter hit, easier to hit confirm into the second hit.

• Her Sweep (Crouching Hard Kick) has 150 stun.

• Fireball startup is 9 frames, easier to use as anti air and in combos.

• They are fixing the bug where characters fell out of the Ultra 1 juggle in Arcade Edition.


His play style will be similar to its current form, and some small changes will be made.

• Target combo hits easier on crouching opponents, can also delay the inputs.

• EX Shoryuken damage 80+30+30+50, for 190 total. This did 180 damage in Arcade Edition.

E. Honda

• Light Punch Headbutt gets its upper body invincibility back. However, any damage done when it's in this invincible state has been toned down to 100 points.

• Lower body invincibility has been added to the Medium Punch Headbutt. SSF4 players who devised strategies for the light version will be able to come up with new technology for this move as well.


• Each Rolling Attack (Beast Roll) gets an extra 10 in damage, so Light Punch 110, Medium Punch 120, Hard Punch 130, EX 120.

• Hard Punch and EX Rolling Attack: Any damage dealt during the first 2 frames, the ones you can FADC during, is now considered knockdown damage. For example in close range, cr.LK x2 -> LP -> H. Rolling Attack will now combo into a knockdown.

• EX Rolling Attack can now be FADCed within the first 2 frames in order to allow for bigger damage afterwards.

• Charged Rock Crusher gives Blanka a +5 frame advantage, so he can do Rock Crusher, c.MK, Hard Punch Rolling Attack as a combo.


• Light Punch Spinning Pile Driver does 150 stun. Up from 100 in Arcade Edition.

• EX Green Hand (Banishing Flat) damage 90+50 for a total of 140. Stun 100+50 for a total of 150. Damage in Arcade Edition was 130 and stun was 100.

• Adjusted the hitbox on Crouching Light Punch to fix a problem where the move would whiff on certain crouching characters after a jump attack and you tried to combo with it.

• Hurtbox for Crouching Hard Kick reduced in height, making it easier to pass under certain attacks.


• Balance adjustments centered around the changes made to him from Super to Arcade Edition.

• The frames in which Guile could be counter-hit after Sonic Boom have been eliminated.

• Air throws have 3 frames of startup now, this is down from 4 in Arcade Edition.

• Toward + Hard Punch does 100 damage, up from 90 in SSF4 AE.

• Can't be thrown out of upside down kick from the 6th frame until the last active frame.


Without influencing the total balance too much, the damage on a number of his moves has been modified, and the goal of making the character easier to use was kept in mind for changes.

• Yoga Inferno (Super move) damage 75 x 2, 60 x 3 for a total of 330 damage. This did 300 damage in Arcade Edition.

• EX Yoga Blast damage is 140 still, but damage between the two hits has been redistributed by adding 20 to the first hit and subtracting 20 from the second, resulting in 90 + 50. Thus, returns from the initial hit are increased a little.

• Standing Light Punch active for 4 frames. But other frame info unaltered.

• Hurtbox on Medium and Hard Punch Yoga Blasts reduced.

• Can follow up a Hard Punch Yoga Blast with additional moves for a combo.


Changes made to his overall damage in Super SFIV AE have now been readjusted.

• Headbutt damage back to what it was in SSF4, Medium Punch 120, Hard Punch 140 and EX 150.

• Ultra 2 damage is 399, up from 300 in Arcade Edition.

• Hit properties on Dash Overhead changed so that it can combo into Crouching Medium Punch on all characters.

• Close Standing Hard Punch hitbox extended downwards so that it hits crouching characters that it used to whiff on.


As the character already boasts a number of strong tools at his disposal, he will remain unchanged for the most part.

• Angry Scar Tiger Uppercut damage increased: LP, MP and EX add +10 damage.

Keeping in mind the overall balance, damage and specific move properties have been changed.

C. Viper

• Medium Punch Thunder Knuckle's damage reduced by 10, down to 110 damage.

• EX Thunder Knuckle startup reduced to 25 frames, but +2 recovery on hit. As start up time has been reduced, the move should be more useful in punishing an opponent’s back dash.

• EX Seismo's (Ground Pound) damage reduced by 20, down to 100 damage.

• Ultra 1 reduced to 441 damage, down from 480.

• Ultra 1 hitbox improved so it's easier to hit fully after Air Burn Kick and Hard Punch Thunder Knuckle.

• Ultra 2 damage increased to 410, up from 380 in Arcade Edition.


We thought that Claw players would only want a few more improvements, so we changed a couple of small things.

• Crouching Hard Kick damage increased to 110, same as SSF4.

• +1 more frame of hitstun on the opponent after a Cosmic Heel, making it -3 at worst.

• Sky High Claw causes a knockdown when it hits a grounded opponent.

• Ultra 1 hitbox when he hits with the knee on the way up, the hitbox has been greatly expanded to prevent people from falling out.

• Ultra 2 startup changed to 8 frames. It had 9 frames of startup in Arcade Edition.

M. Bison

• Scissor Kick stun changed to 100/50 (150 total) on all strengths. Previously the Light and Medium Scissor Kicks did 100 stun.

• First hit causes 1 frame of extra hitstun, so if you Focus Attack Dash Cancel the first hit you can have +5 advantage at best.

Translation by Capcom-Unity, Azrael, Arc-rail and Curbeh on SRK. Tips from Sick.Case, Captain19Planet and DARKHADOU.

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