Roundup: Gouken animation, Planet Zero SBO results, HD cosplay

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • August 21, 2011 at 3:18 p.m. PDT
Roundup: Gouken animation, Planet Zero SBO results, HD cosplay
• Animatelife put up a short, but really cool original animation piece with Gouken and Akuma fighting. There's another clip showing all of the various elements coming together too.

• Hsien Chang (Yun) and Banana Ken (Ken) won the Planet Zero SBO Qualifiers and will be one of the teams representing the U.S. in Japan at Super Battle Opera. Mentioned by KB.

• PsYcHoCI2usHeI2 took HD video of some of the cosplayers, which includes some UMvC3 test footage, and other stuff, at a recent Capcom Fight Club.

• Borawserboxer went into the lab with MODOK for MvC3 and posted a video showing some cool stuff for him. Also, Persona put up a 1.4 million damage Spencer combo without using X-Factor or assists. Tip from Rafael2487.

• The official Street Fighter X Tekken website was updated to show that the game will offer the Fight Request option, where if you're playing single player, an online opponent can jump in and challenge you. Also, some people are speculating with the way the characters appear as is, there's 10 more fighters left to announce, but this page could easily be updated to accommodate more fighters. Submitted by TheDeadTexan and BrawlKarter.

ChaosProductionsInc, Geesolo, Pharaon92i, Rraimannjr and SitverGold all posted gameplay videos of Street Fighter X Tekken or Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 or both, from either a Fight Club or game expo. If you do a few YouTube searches, you can find a ton of channels with more footage on them. Sent in by Fawaz, ProtoMan Pillz, NumberOneTool and Brazilanubis3.
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