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GodsGarden #4 results Super Street Fighter 4 AE tournament

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • August 20, 2011 at 1:49 p.m. PDT • Comments: 644
GodsGarden #4 results Super Street Fighter 4 AE tournament GodsGarden #4, a Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition tournament, is taking place today. Many of the best players from Japan are in attendance, along with a few others, including MCZ|Daigo Umehara, Poongko, MCZ|Mago, eLive|RF and EVO 2011 winner, Fuudo. You can find more information about this event and the players participating here.

The tournament format is a bit different today, as the invited players, like Daigo awaited the players who make their way out of the various qualifying groups. The players form the qualifiers then proceeded to a single elimination tournament, which was followed up by a double elimination bracket for the final 16 competitors to decide the overall winner.

To check out the results, click the link below.

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition — Results Top 16

1. Fuudo (Fei Long)
2. EG|Momochi (Yun)
3. Uryo (Sakura)
4. MCZ|Tokido (Akuma)
5. eLive|RF (Sagat)
5. Kazunoko (Yun)
7. HORI|Sako (Yang)
7. Poongko (Seth)
9. KOK (Fei Long)
9. MCZ|Daigo Umehara (Yun)
9. Nemo (Yang)
9. YHC-Mochi (Dhalsim)
13. Haitani (Makoto)
13. Itabashi Zangief (Zangief)
13. Cabbage (C. Viper)
13. Hanamaruki (Sagat)

You can find additional results and a great breakdown for this tournament here, including information about the earlier rounds. This was done by @taka89ma_fg and @fidodiotriplex.

Contributions to this story by SF4Maniac, Sephiroth_Y, Qrap, Popolololz, Rafael2487 and Bmo.

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