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Svensson explains Capcom USA's involvement in past projects

Posted by Jon 'Catalyst' Grey • April 29, 2011 at 3:30 a.m. PDT • Comments: 22
Svensson explains Capcom USA's involvement in past projects If you've ever wondered what projects Capcom USA has been involved in, company V.P., Christian Svensson offered a short list recently on the Unity Boards. He also talks at length about the PC aspect of Capcom and how it's growing.
What are some examples of Capcom USA's influence in decision making within the company? โ€” Product

Svensson: I'm going to bed but I'll start with a few quick ones:

The fact that MvC2 was re-released and that MvC3 exists at all is in very large part due to this office.

Most XBLA/PSN strategy has historically been driven from our office (Capcom Japan has since caught on).

Nearly all PC initiatives are driven by our office.

GGPO (or technologies like it) in anything are driven by our office.

The fact that the Capcom community has a voice in anything we do these days is directly because of our office.

On a related note, the fact that Capcom-Unity as a force across all of our territories, is because of our office... and it's going to become an increasingly powerful force in the future.

There's many, many other examples but I'd add that Europe has a lot to do with adding the necessary leverage to drive a lot of initiatives forward if we don't have enough ourselves. Lastly, while we may push, moan, complain, prod and sell these concepts, Japan ultimately has to approve these things to happen so it is a team effort in the end.
Does Ono want a Nintendo X Capcom game done in Smash Bros. style? โ€” CSuperhero

Svensson: To my knowledge, Ono isn't actively thinking about this concept so I'm not sure I'd worry about what it could or would potentially be like.

Why is PC gaming not taken seriously by Capcom Japan? โ€” Mike

Svensson: I'm reading this question a little differently, more as a plea for more support.

The push for PC gaming within Capcom over the years has been lead by a select few people (I'm one, putting my money where my mouth is with my forecasts... Takeuchi-san is another huge supporter on the development side). From the moment I walked in nearly six years ago, I viewed PC as extremely important for the company, not just to grow a new audience for our brands, but because of what the PC market teaches a company.

Our technology on all of our platforms is informed by and pushed on the PC. Engineering insights from Intel and Nvidia have helped make MT Framework the powerhouse that it is, which has helped us on nearly any/every platform, from high-end PC to X360/PS3 to smart phones and 3DS.

Being a global company means bringing your content to all platforms. As we continue to expand our businesses in Russia, China, Korea and Brazil, the PC becomes increasingly important as it is the primary platform in those territories.

Over the years, the producers continue to learn lessons about the PC gaming market and how it differs from that which they know well on the console side of the house. Please understand, the PC gaming market in Japan is rather small historically (though in recent years, it is growing rather quickly especially in the online space) so their personal experiences with PC gaming are often different from those of Western developers.

But PC gaming's profile is growing at Capcom. Both I in the US and our European team continue to request PC SKUs for new titles. We've got more titles coming with PC versions than ever before (e.g. RE: Operation Racoon City, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, Super Street Fighter IV: AE, etc.). At greenlight meetings, our Japanese COO is often one of the first people to ask the producer for a PC version.

So while I understand your view and I'm not promising immediate parity on all projects from now on, things are getting better and better for Capcom fans who are PC gamers.
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