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Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition developers discuss Oni

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • April 13, 2011 at 12:07 a.m. PDT • Comments: 63
Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition developers discuss Oni A translation of the latest Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition developer blog was posted by USD on NeoGAF. The team discusses the ins and outs of Oni, including his moves and play style. Hit the jump to check everything out.

• Kuruoshiki Oni (which I shall translate as Batsh**-Insane Oni) was created to be beyond Shin Akuma.

• Created using Akuma as a base, but because of his different appearance, techniques, properties, etc., he's pretty much an entirely different character.

• Higher health, stun than Akuma.


• Does not have close/far normals, similar to Makoto or Dudley.

• About half of his normals are new.

• Some of his normals are similar to Akuma's, while others are not, so try to figure out where and how to use them.

Standing Hard Punch

• Steps forward while doing an upward diagonal palm thrust.

• Forces stand.

• At close range, will combo with a Hurricane Kick.

• Has better reach than Standing Light Punch and has a strong upward-reaching hitbox, so at the proper distance, can be used as anti-air.

• 6 frame start-up, 4 frames active, 17 frame recovery. Won't Link from any of his normals, but since you can use it for an easy combo as part of Target Combo 2, it will get frequent usage.

Toward + Hard Punch

• Takes a large step forward while doing a palm thrust to the midsection.

• Has the longest horizontal reach of his normals.

• Even on block it's difficult to punish because of the distance, so it's effective as a poke.

• Has projectile properties, so can neutralize projectile attacks. Won't work against multi-hitting projectiles, however.

• Super-cancellable.

• 11 frame startup, 6 frames active, 18 frame recovery; +0 on hit, -9 on block.

Standing Medium Kick

• At close range, does two hits.

• Relatively fast start-up, and has reach, so you can use it as a poke, but use with caution, as it will whiff against crouching opponents from a distance.

• First hit is Special and Super-cancellable.

• 5 frame start-up, 1 frame active (first hit) 4 frames active (second), 14 frame recovery.

• Can link from Standing Light Punch and other attacks.

Toward + Medium Kick

• Does a spin while performing a forward roundhouse kick.

• Has the second longest reach, after Toward + Hard Punch.

• Different from Toward + Hard Punch, as it keeps Oni moving forward after the motion, so intentional whiffs can be an effective way to close in.

• Rather slow start-up for a Medium Kick, so it's best to not abuse it.

• 12 frame start-up, 2 frames active, 13 frame recovery; +2 on hit, -2 on block.

Toward + Hard Kick

• A high back roundhouse, in a similar motion to Ryu's Standing Hard Kick.

• Knocks down against air opponents, so you can follow up with certain specials in the corner.

• Spaced properly, you can hit your opponent out of the start of a forward jump.

Crouching Hard Kick

• A crouched spinning sweep.

• 8 frame start-up, 2 frames active, 24 frame recovery.

• Won't link with any of his normals, but has good reach and a strong hitbox.

• On block, can be punished with Ultra Combos by nearly all characters, so it's best to use it from a far distance, where it's difficult to punish.


• Back + Medium Punch (Ganka Uchi).

• Fast, links from Standing Light Punch (and other attacks).

• Special and super-cancellable.

• Target Combo 1: Toward + Light Punch, Standing Medium Punch.

• Target Combo 2: Back + Medium Punch, Standing Hard Punch.

• Both are cancellable.

• Can used for various combos, but since too many hits will affect total damage, use it based on the match-up and your own preference.


• Special moves: Gohadoken, Gorai Hadoken (Roaring Thunder Hadoken), Zanku Hadosho (air dash), Goshoryuken, Tatsumaki Zankukyaku, Air Tatsu, Sekisei Jiraiken (Red Star Landmine Fist, aka fist pound), Rakan Dantojin (Arhat Tower Slice Blade, aka palm slice).

• All except Zanku Hadosho have EX versions.

• Tatsu and Palm Slice are Armor Breaking.

Explanation of some EX move properties:

EX Gohadoken

• The normal version is chargeable, will reach full-screen and hit twice, but the EX version already has those properties and is not chargeable.

• Doesn't knock down ground opponents, so you can create various combos from FADCs.

EX Rakan Dantojin (Palm slice)

• Medium Kick version has projectile-invincibility only during the forward movement at start-up, but the EX version is projectile-invincible until the end of active frames.

• Slow technique, so if you're too far away, you'll go through the fireball but won't hit your opponent in time.

EX Sekisei Jiraiken (Fist pound)

• Normal version is one hit, can be blocked low, but the EX version is two-hit, overhead on the first hit only.

• Has a prolonged hitbox when his fist hits the ground, so depend on how it hits, it can be difficult to punish even when blocked.

• Knocks down, so you can follow up the attack with a combo.


• Super Combo is Shun Goku Satsu (Raging Demon).

• Can also be done in the air, but only hit air opponents. Like the ground version, can be kara-cancelled.


• Ultra 1 is Meido Gohado.

• Ultra 1 does 350 damage from a distance, but 450 point-blank.

• Ultra 1 gives you access to Messatsu Gotenha (upward fireball version) and Messtasu Gozanku (air fireball version). Neither do particularly high damage, but find ways to use them and include them in your fighting strategy.


• Ultra 2 is Tenchi Sokaigen, does high damage, is projectile-invincible.

• At close range, a hit will lock your opponent in the cinematic.

• Doesn't do much damage outside of the cinematic, so move in close when using the move.

• Can be comboed from FADCs, so we recommend players who prefer damage to use this Ultra.

• 525 damage on a clean hit (i.e. the second most-damaging Ultra in the game, only surpassed by oiled Hakan's Oil Coaster).


• Like Evil Ryu, the boss version in Arcade Mode has totally different properties.

Tip from Drivinawarthog, EdGaR R34 and David_I.

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