More Street Fighter X Tekken previews, gameplay video

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • April 13, 2011 at 9:23 a.m. PDT | Comments: 138
More Street Fighter X Tekken previews, gameplay video A couple new previews for Street Fighter X Tekken were posted this morning. GameInformer talked a little with Yoshinori Ono, stating that the game will have a ton of characters and delving lightly into other subjects. Here's an excerpt.

“The main thing for me is picking characters that did not exist in the Street Fighter universe,” he says. “They can do moves and combos that would never be possible in a traditional Street Fighter game. That was my base level for what I made my decisions on. Obviously, I wanted to fit in many popular characters as possible as well. We’ll have the bread and butter of Tekken, and there are probably a lot of others that you’re wondering, ‘Is he going to be in the game, because he’s pretty famous?’ The answer to that is ‘Probably.’”

GiantBomb's write up looks more at the gameplay aspects of the title, for those of you curious how SFxT currently plays in its early state.

The systems in the game feel partially built around combo potential. SFXT is a tag game, so you'll pick two characters before each fight and you can tag between them by hitting both medium attacks at the same time. Though this is a free action, if you press the tag buttons mid-combo or when you're on the ground, you can cancel into a tag at the expense of some meter. There is also a launcher, which all characters can perform by hitting both heavy attacks at the same time. This isn't a Marvel vs. Capcom launcher that you can chase up into the sky for air combos (or, at least, I wasn't able to reliably do that). It's more for setting up additional juggles via standing punches, additional specials, or even your super. Supers require two of your meter's three bars to perform, allowing you to tag cancel into your partner's super, if you so desire. The whole system feels a little freeform, like it would allow players to get more creative with their combos.

Lastly, RajmanGamingHD has over 8 minutes of gameplay footage to look over.
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