Desk online Marvel vs. Capcom 3 combo and glitch exhibition

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • April 12, 2011 at 5:10 p.m. PDT | Comments: 21
Desk put up a new video running through some online matches using his crazy combos and a number of glitches. He also added a rather long explanation in the video description, which you can check out by hitting the jump, or looking under the video on YouTube.
So, in case you were wondering 'TrollBetter' is an ironic and, in retrospect, possibly misjudged title. Referencing the fact that, if I did play online and wanted only to win games and rank up. I'd be employing tactics that many people would consider to be 'trolling' or 'cheap' (like infinites and glitches). I made this video, not only as a response to the countless requests I've received to try out stuff from my videos against real players but also, just to see if any of it could really work. Hopefully this is an entertaining demo of at least some of the limits of the MvC3 engine, as it stands today.
This is the first time I'm aware of that anyone has taken the Zero glitch online. It's practicality and usefulness was, until now, subject to much speculation and overreaction. It's consequences only really come into focus when a real person is on the receiving end and someone has to either quit out or come to terms with not being able to play for 2 minutes. Any arguments comparing it to the 'Gambit Glitch' or questioning it's tournament legality are flawed. 99.9% of players online have no interest in ever entering a tournament or playing by those rules and, although the after effects are comparable, the execution of this glitch is far, far, far more difficult and situational than Gambit's from MvC2.

I have no interest in 'terrorizing' the online community, spoiling peoples games or preventing inexperienced players from having fun. The account I used was a free 48 hour gold GT that I played over a 24 hour period on the 3/4th of April 2011. I haven't played online since and I don't intend to ever again.

All of the stuff you see demoed in this video required tons of research and many, many hours of practice. Doing it under variable lag conditions was also not as straight forward as it might appear.

This is the end of the bit where I justify my actions! Good day to you!


Q: 'But desk, you're clearly jumping around like an idiot during that first clip, you're a proper, full on troll but you're ashamed to admit it!'

A: I was bored and Spencer has a sick grappling hook, you would have done the same thing in my position.

Q: 'But then in that other clip, you're just standing there like a super-troll, waiting for them to Ragequit, I hate you!!!'

A: That downtime is an inevitable consequence of the glitch I was demonstrating. I got bored and I left the room to make myself a drink. It's entirely possible that you would have done the same thing in my position.

Q: 'You totally teabag that innocent guy at the end! That's not trolling? You totally suck! I'm unsubscribing 'cos you suck so much!'

A: I'm pretty sure he did it to me first.


Notes: The reason only 1 message appears in the whole video is because it was actually the only remotely negative one I received the entire time I played. I was pleasantly surprised that no one was vindictive or hateful after any of our games.

Also, shout outs to everyone who waited for the time to run out after the Zero glitch, your dedication deserves respect!

This description, that you're reading now, is officially at an end.
Submitted by Hydro_UK, Mirri, Oroku_Saki and CWheezy.

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