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Super Street Fighter 4 character usage numbers from over 4,000 matches

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • September 27, 2010 at 11:51 a.m. PDT • Comments: 277
Super Street Fighter 4 character usage numbers from over 4,000 matches Several members of the forums worked together to build a spreadsheet keeping track of how often they'd see the game's various 35 characters in online ranked Super Street Fighter 4 matches.

This project started back in July, and since that time members of the community have contributed over 4,000 matches into the database. While this can't be taken as the end all be all discussion on who the most popular fighters are online, it does paint a solid picture of what you can expect when you play ranked mode.

Hit the link below to check this out, along with a few thoughts on what was collected.

• Even though Rufus and C. Viper are somewhat common in the tournament scene, they came up dead last in this list.

• Chun-Li, M. Bison and Guile, fighters who were regarded as the top 4 characters in the tier listings were all reasonably close to the top of the list, but E. Honda, who's second overall in the tiers, showed up at 13th for overall popularity.

• Some of SSF4's new cast members had a respectable amount of players giving them a go, with Dudley, Cody and Adon all in the top 15.

A huge thanks goes out to Solamon77 and Zombiebrian, who were the biggest driving forces behind getting this in front of you. why you're viewing this project. Also, shout outs to JetX, Cammy's Hag, Professor Ezra, Ambahdextrous, Nexx, Wee Soldier, Oculus-Orbis, AXDrakul, Catalyst, AceKillah, Kogia, Comatose Lad, Vince-Veil, x Who Is Alpha, Tamaraw1971, Rachym, Wild Beard, ScytheWP, I XaVi3R I and other members of the EventHubs forums for contributing.

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