Weekend community events September 24 - 30

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • September 24, 2010 at 1:35 a.m. PDT | Comments: 3
Weekend community events September 24 - 30 If you have an event you'd like to submit, you can add it into the Events area of the forums or you can send it in via the Contact Us form.
• Online, Xbox 360, Japan: GodsGarden 2 SSF4 Online Tourney, September 24 - 26. This will be streamed live on two different channels (Stream A) (Stream B) and you'll be able to find additional coverage of this competition here on EventHubs.com as it happens. 10 p.m. PST start time on Friday and Saturday.

• Brooklyn, New York: Guard Crush 9, September 29. Team Sp00ky will again be bringing you a live look of the action, 6:30 p.m. EST start time.

• Herndon, Virginia: Til The Brackets Drop, September 25 - 26. Live stream on Justin.tv, tournament begins around 2 p.m. EST.

• Anchorage, Alaska: Play N Trade SSFIV Ranbats, September 26. This will be streamed live, 2 p.m. AST start time.

• Honolulu, Hawaii: Hawaii Video Gaming League, September 25. Live stream available, 8 p.m. HST start time.

• Lodi, California: NorCal Downtown Throwdown, September 26.
• Jersey City, New Jersey: The Monthly Beatdown #17, September 24.

• Austin, Texas: SSF4 Fantastic Arcade Cup, September 26.

• Lakewood, California: Super Street Fighter 4 tournament, September 25.

• Mastic, New York: Golden Memories Street Fighter Showdown, September 25.

• Simi Valley, California: Denjin Arcade SSF4 Ranbat Season 3.4, September 25.

• Lowell, Massachusetts: Souper Bowl Monthly Tournament Round IV, September 26.

• New York, New York: Chinatown Fair SSF4 Weeklies, September 30.

• D'Iberville, Mississippi: CyberLINX Ranbat, September 24.

• Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: SSF4 Competition at Steaks on South, September 30.

• Denver, Colorado: PIF2: Still Gettin' Paid, September 25.

• Orlando, Florida: CEO Goes to Will's Pub, September 27.

• Kingsville, Texas: We Hate Grownups 3, September 25.

• Peoria, Illinois: Peoria Pizza Works SSF4 Ranbat Series, September 26.

• Flushing, New York: Anime Castle Tournament, September 25.

• Tucson, Arizona: Arcade-in-a-Box tourney, September 25.

• Portland, Oregon: After School Beatdown, September 25.

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