Some of Capcom wants to see PC Super Street Fighter 4 happen, Ono Q&A

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • September 24, 2010 at 1:40 a.m. PDT | Comments: 151
Some of Capcom wants to see PC Super Street Fighter 4 happen, Ono Q&A Capcom's Christian Svensson tried to clear up the situation a bit with the recent statements that were made about SSF4's unlikely release on the PC.

While things still don't look great, Svensson said there are some Capcom staff members that would like to see the title released on that platform.

Also, Yoshinori Ono answered a few fan questions. He implies there are more characters coming for the arcade release of SSF4, besides Yun and Yang — and that Rainbow Mika didn't make the cut.

He also adds that SF3 Third Strike Online Edition is currently in development, which means Capcom isn't sitting on the project and we should see a release in the reasonably near future. Here's the run down.
Can you give me a clear answer if Super Street Fighter 4 will be released on the PC? I keep hearing conflicting information.

Christian Svensson: I don't know how to be more clear guys. While I wish it weren't the case, the answer as I've repeatedly said for the past year or so is "no"... until such time it hopefully becomes "yes". There are some of us that still want to see that happen.

What does the Battle Director do? It sounds like a cool position.

Ono: [The] position [is] for balance adjustment of fighting [games].

Please include R. Mika in the arcade version of SSF4.

Ono: Yeah! I love R. Mika!! But, [the] Battle Director doesn't like her!! :(

Any news on SF III 3rd Strike Online Edition. Maybe a release date?

Ono: [The game is in development] now! Please wait [for more] news.

Are there any plans to add other characters to SSF4 Arcade Edition, or is it just Yun & Yang?

Ono: Of course, [it's] just Yun and Yang!! ;P
Reading into the last statement a bit, it appears Yoshinori is trying to be sarcastic because of the emoticon. And since current rumors have been picking up more steam after the December release date was confirmed, it's sounding more and more likely that there are going to be additional fighters announced for the arcade release of Super Street Fighter 4.

Source: Unity Boards and Twitter.
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