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Schedule for second GodsGarden online Super Street Fighter 4 tourney

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • September 21, 2010 at 9:25 p.m. PDT • Comments: 41
Schedule for second GodsGarden online Super Street Fighter 4 tourney Twelve of Japan's top Super Street Fighter 4 players will be participating in an online round robin tournament hosted by GodsGarden. The action will be streamed, so you can watch from the comfort of your own home.

Since this is running in Japan, the matches will be taking place very late or early most days. The competition starts this weekend and will continue on almost every weekend through the start of November. If you miss anything though, you'll be able to catch an archive and additional information here on EventHubs.

Hit the jump to find a schedule and a list of who will be competing.

Sept. 24 - 25

All times below are Pacific Standard Time (PST).

Stream A Stream B
10 p.m. 1 Momochi [Ken] Daigo [Ryu] 1 Mago [Fei Long] Arai [Claw]
2 Uryo [C. Viper] Momochi [Ken] 2 Kindevu [Cammy] Arai [Claw]
3 Sako [Cammy] YHC-Mochi [Dhalsim] 3 Tonpy [C. Viper] Arai [Claw]
11 p.m. 4 Sako [Cammy] Momochi [Ken] 4 Uryo [C. Viper] Tokido [Akuma]
5 Momochi [Ken] Tonpy [C. Viper] 5 Tokido [Akuma] Arai [Claw]
6 Tonpy [C. Viper] Kindevu [Cammy] 6 Momochi [Ken] Arai [Claw]
12 a.m. 7 Sako [Cammy] Kindevu [Cammy] 7 Tonpy [C. Viper] Mago [Fei Long]
8 YHC-Mochi [Dhalsim] Tonpy [C. Viper] 8 Sako [Cammy] Tokido [Akuma]
9 Uryo [C. Viper] Arai [Claw] 9 YHC-Mochi [Dhalsim] Kindevu [Cammy]
1 a.m. 10 Sako [Cammy] Arai [Claw] 10 Kindevu [Cammy] Tokido [Akuma]
11 Sako [Cammy] Uryo [C. Viper] 11 Tonpy [C. Viper] Daigo [Ryu]
12 Uryo [C. Viper] Kindevu [Cammy] 12 Daigo [Ryu] Arai [Claw]
2 a.m. 13 Tonpy [C. Viper] Tokido [Akuma] 13 YHC-Mochi [Dhalsim] Arai [Claw]
14 Tokido [Akuma] Mago [Fei Long] 14 YHC-Mochi [Dhalsim] Uryo [C. Viper]
15 YHC-Mochi [Dhalsim] Tokido [Akuma] 15 Sako [Cammy] Mago [Fei Long]
3 a.m. 16 Daigo [Ryu] Kindevu [Cammy] 16 Acqua [Ibuki] Arai [Claw]
17 Daigo [Ryu] Mago [Fei Long]

Sept. 25 - 26

Stream A Stream B
10 p.m. 1 Momochi [Ken] Kindevu [Cammy] 1 Nemo [Chun-Li] Tonpy [C. Viper]
2 Nemo [Chun-Li] Tokido [Akuma] 2 YHC-Mochi [Dhalsim] Momochi [Ken]
3 Nemo [Chun-Li] Mago [Fei Long] 3 Momochi [Ken] Acqua [Ibuki]
11 p.m. 4 Uryo [C. Viper] Mago [Fei Long] 4 Daigo [Ryu] Tokido [Akuma]
5 Uryo [C. Viper] Daigo [Ryu] 5 Nemo [Chun-Li] Acqua [Ibuki]
6 Daigo [Ryu] Acqua [Ibuki] 6 Momochi [Ken] Nemo [Chun-Li]
12 a.m. 7 Tonpy [C. Viper] Acqua [Ibuki] 7 Uryo [C. Viper] Nemo [Chun-Li]
8 Momochi [Ken] Mago [Fei Long] 8 Tokido [Akuma] Acqua [Ibuki]
9 Momochi [Ken] Tokido [Akuma] 9 Uryo [C. Viper] Tonpy [C. Viper]
1 a.m. 10 Sako [Cammy] Tonpy [C. Viper] 10 Kindevu [Cammy] Mago [Fei Long]
11 YHC-Mochi [Dhalsim] Mago [Fei Long] 11 Kindevu [Cammy] Acqua [Ibuki]
12 Sako [Cammy] Acqua [Ibuki] 12 YHC-Mochi [Dhalsim] Nemo [Chun-Li]
2 a.m. 13 Uryo [C. Viper] Acqua [Ibuki] 13 Sako [Cammy] Nemo [Chun-Li]
14 Nemo [Chun-Li] Daigo [Ryu] 14 YHC-Mochi [Dhalsim] Acqua [Ibuki]
15 Nemo [Chun-Li] Kindevu [Cammy] 15 Mago [Fei Long] Acqua [Ibuki]
3 a.m. 16 YHC-Mochi [Dhalsim] Daigo [Ryu] 16 Nemo [Chun-Li] Arai [Claw]
17 Sako [Cammy] Daigo [Ryu]

Round 1 — 12 players
Sept. 25 (Sat.), Sept. 26 (Sun)

Round 2 and Finals — 6 players
Oct. 2 (Sat), Oct. 3 (Sun)
Oct. 9 (Sat), Oct. 10 (Sun)
Oct. 16 (Sat), Oct. 17 (Sun)
Oct. 30 (Sat), Oct. 31 (Sun)
Nov. 6 (Sat), Nov. 7 (Sun)

Prize money, in Japanese Yen and USD
1st 500,000 ($5,893)
2nd 100,000 ($1,178)
3rd 50,000 ($589)
4th 30,000 ($353)

Contributions to this story by SF4Maniac and Struggs.

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