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No plans for a 1vs1 mode in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, other fan questions

Posted by Jon 'Catalyst' Grey • October 21, 2010 at 1:35 a.m. PDT • Comments: 45
No plans for a 1vs1 mode in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, other fan questions Capcom employees answered a handful of questions recently on the Unity Boards. There isn't anything here that's going to blow your mind, but instead Capcom tries to explain some of the reasoning behind the decisions they're making about the games that are or aren't in development.
Will Marvel vs. Capcom 3 have a 1v1 mode, where you can only pick a single character?

Seth: Sorry guys, no plans for a "1v1" mode in Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

I suppose if that's something you'd really like to do, you could set up player matches (with voice or PM) and just specify no tagging out, no using assists, etc., and just each play using the character you started with. That would essentially be an easy way to get what you're asking for, regardless of whether its been programmed into the game or not.

Shame, I would have thought a 1v1 mode would be easy to implement.

Rey Jimenez: Nothing that sounds easy is actually easy in reality to implement when it comes to adding a new feature, especially this late in the game. There's a lot more work than you think in the actual feature that needs to be done as well as additional user interface and debug time.
Could you guys just take the Street Fighter 1 characters and HD Remix that game without creating a new one? I don't want a whole new game, I just want an enhanced version of the old one with a new engine, the other fighters playable and better gameplay.

Rey Jimenez: From a development standpoint, your still asking for a new game. If Street Fighter 4 had only SF1 characters, regions, story, etc., that is still making a new game from the ground up considering everything that had do go into it. Remember, you're asking for, "a completely new engine, more updated graphics, better gameplay, make other characters besides just Ryu and Ken selectable, and give them their own stories." If the only thing that remains the same are the characters and locale, that's basically creating a whole new game considering all of the work that has to be done.

Are you going to release Street Fighter Alpha 3 on the PlayStation Network so we can play it on the PlayStation 3?

Sven: Maybe it'll happen some day but not yet. Not yet.

If you bought one of the costume packs for the Street Fighter 4 series, the complete costume pack isn't available for purchase on PSN. Is that right?

Sven: Correct. That's Sony's silly policy unfortunately. It keeps people from buying content that duplicates what they already own (even when doing so is the better deal). I don't really understand it either.

Are you going to release more of the pads you made for the PSP version of Alpha 3?

Sven: Alas, they were a one shot deal. We've not got any more and we've got no plans to produce more.

I don't think Sony was thrilled with us producing those in the past. 8)

Could you re-do Gem Fighter? I'd like a re-release with HD graphics. You could reuse the models and animation from Puzzle Fighter's re-release.

Seth: I think everyone else here has beaten me to the punch with some pretty solid reasons, but even your point about the models being similar and sharing animation frames with Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo doesn't help the case :(

In Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix, the character animations weren't redrawn in HD, they were just up-rez'd with filters. It was the blocks themselves and the rest of the screen that was redrawn in HD from the ground up — doing all the character's was cost-prohibitive even then, so would be just as bad with Gem Fighter (and Gem Fighter would probably sell a lot fewer units to try and recoup that cost).

Twas a fun game, but probably not heading for the HD remix treatment anytime soon. And just so it's not all bad news, one of my favorite Gem Fighter combo vids:

Are you guys thinking about making a crossover between Marvel and DC Universe?

Sven: My mind boggles at the price tag and approval hurdles of such a project. 8)

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