October 2010 tier rankings for Super Street Fighter 4

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • October 11, 2010 at 6:03 p.m. PDT
October 2010 tier rankings for Super Street Fighter 4 New tier rankings for Super Street Fighter 4 have been posted here on EventHubs.com. The newest lists now have a vertical highlighting feature to make it easier to pinpoint the match ups.

This was translated from a Japanese Wiki, but a few math errors were fixed along the way.

While tier listings are a popular thing, it's always best not to take too much stock in these. Characters move up and down all of the time, and matches change — sometimes on a daily basis.

So while the tiers aren't the final word on anything, some of the information inside is helpful. Very few people would argue that Sagat doesn't have a heavy advantage against Zangief, so the table has some relevancy.

As such, take these tiers as a loose guideline of how the matches stack up, but never as the end all be all of who's good in the game.

Some of the characters have moved up or down a bit since the initial tier rankings were posted back in July 2010, but overall, most of the positions have stayed the same.

Thanks to Stubbs for the heads up.

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