Updated again: Partial translation of Nakky blog Q&A

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • March 26, 2010 at 7:05 p.m. PDT
Updated again: Partial translation of Nakky blog Q&A Two community members have provided a partial translation of the latest question and answer session entry that was made on the Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 blog.

There are some random interesting details in here, and there may be additional stuff added to this post in the future if more of the translation is posted. To get you started, here are the cliff notes from Azrael.

• If you have a Street Fighter 4 save file on your system, then there's an 11th color available for the characters...

• Says that with Hakan reveal, ALL characters have been introduced (i.e. no more hidden characters, but as always she never says anything concretely).

• No forced install, but she later notes that load times are faster overall.

• Not every character has 2 rival battles. Some only have 1.

• Endless battle has no win limit, but the counter only goes up to 3 digits, so aim for 999 wins.

• All characters are unlocked from the beginning.

• Casual clothes were considered for Chun-Li's 3rd alternative outfit, but the idea didn't make it in the end.

• Colors and taunts have to be unlocked, but will be much easier than in Street Fighter 4.

• Can search by region for online battles, and set region preference in Fight Request.

• Characters who already had a remixed theme in SFIV will have the same theme in Super Street Fighter 4.

• No facial adjustments/tweaking for the female characters.

• The soundtrack featured in the Collectors Package is only character themes. So there are no plans to release the BGM for the new stages on CD just yet, but she notes that they would like to at some point.

• Can't search for specific player data, or various types of Battle Points ranking like the arcade, but there are two new rankings - Battle Points by region, and Battle Points by character.

• She says that ultra select will take place after you and your opponent have picked your character, and that the blind select will be turned off. In other words, blind select pick your character, see each other's character, then ultra select. Yes, I know this is in contrast to what s-kill said, and I don't know why. That's just what she's written.

• No offline replays.

• Development blog will talk about character adjustments... but not in too much detail.

• No plans for SSFIV on PC at this time.

• Battle Points, Grade Points, titles and what not do not carry over from Street Fighter 4.

• Dead body hits are still in.

• Matching is done based on Player Points.

• No new features for Training Mode, except that the CPU will remember your settings.

• El Fuerte's moves aren't any faster.

• Color Edit mode wasn't possible.

• Install on 360 will probably be about 6GB.

• Character country flags have disappeared because they added the feature to display some preset phrases before a fight - the country flags were in at first but in the end the screen was too cluttered.

Venomish provided a partial translation as well.

Q: Are Mike from SF1 and Mike Bison (Boxer) the same person?
A: They are probably the same person.

Q: Don't tell me R. Mika isn't coming.
A: I can't tell you for sure but with Hakan SSF4 cast is complete.
(She might appear in cut scene?)

Q: Can I set up a limit to how many consecutive wins are allowed in endless battle mode?
A: No. there are 3 digits so good luck reaching 999 consecutive wins.

Q: Is there any possibility of Shin Akuma as a secret character?
A: Even if it was there I can't tell you or it won't be secret.

Q: Are there secret characters unlocked when finishing the game with certain characters?
A: Everyone loves to ask about "secret" characters, I wont be able to answer even if they existed. However we said it before that ALL CHARACTERS WILL BE PLAYABLE FROM THE BEGINNING.

Q: Is there going to be an all-costumes DLC pack for SSF4?
A: Yes, but it will be offered for sale last [when all costumes packs get offered] so it will be hard for those who want to use the costumes as soon as they are available.

Q: Is SF4's timeline before SF3?
A: Yes.

Q: When a Metsu Shoryuken hits female characters, will their chin also become like Inoki (famous Japanese wrestler)?
A:Yes! Or so I thought. The designer thought it was a pity and canceled the idea. Only Rose will kinda look like Inoki a bit though.

Q: In SSF4 will I inherit the Fuerte's Icon that I almost died trying to get in SF4.
A: I'm really sorry. You will not inherit it. So please try to get it again in SSF4.

Q: Is there going to be a PC version?
A: Nothing planned at the moment.

Q: Can I set arcade request setting to accept only people from Japan?
A: You can set it up to "accept people from same area only"

Q: Are Guile's glasses a new costume.
A: Hehehe, there are not.

Also, here's a collection of the other interesting images from this blog entry.

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