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Updated: Video demos Super Street Fighter 4's menus, Hakan's slide

Posted by Jon 'Catalyst' Grey • March 22, 2010 at 8:41 p.m. PDT • Comments: 52
The Italian website,, took some video of various Super Street Fighter 4 menus and options. If you've actively been keeping up with the game, you should be able to tell what most of the menus they navigate into are, but if you have trouble there's a translation below.

Also, at the end they show how effective Hakan's slide is at dealing with projectiles.
Cestus translated parts of the video, here is his break down.

First Screen:
Online Battle
Challenge Mode
Player's Data

Player's Data:
Player's Record
Character's Record
Replay Channel

Player's Record:
Time of Play
Record Score Arcade
Challenge Progress (% of challenge you completed)
Record Car Crushing Bonus Stage
Record Barrels Bonus Stage

Character's Record:
Number of times you select him
Record score arcade
Number of challenge you completed
Record car crushing bonus stage
Record barrels bonus stage

Replay Channel:
From up-left: My Channel, Originals (Characters), Random, New, New Replay
from down-left: My list (of favorites), Alpha, Turbo & SF3, Boss, Register of Battle

• My Channel: Yours saved (on hard drive) replay, players that you invite can see it.

• My List: You can watch your saved replay, rate it and change its name.

• Original/New/Alpha/Bosses/Turbo & III: Replay of groups of characters.

• Register of Battle: Watch the replay of Register of Battle that get erased to make space for new replays. Save your favorites on your hard drive.

• New replay: Watch the last replay on rankings matches and save your favorite on hard drive.

Control/command (set the buttons configuration)
Audio (some options and characters language selection,language selection work also on intro and endings)

Challenge mode:
Trial (Combos)
Car Crushing
Barrels Crushing

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