Street Fighter 4 iPhone DLC planned, Vs. game in the future?

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • March 16, 2010 at 1:04 p.m. PDT
Street Fighter 4 iPhone DLC planned, Vs. game in the future? has an good write up about Street Fighter 4 on the iPhone. It starts off with the usual spiel, recapping the games features and what not, but Takeshi Tezuka, the title's producer, mentions that they have some DLC for SF4 planned, and they're looking at releasing other fighting game titles on this platform in the future.

Here is a copy and paste of the interesting stuff.

While the Street Fighter IV just hit the iPhone last week, and has already landed on the top ten charts for gaming, Capcom is already considering future plans for both the game and, potentially, other fighting titles for the iPhone.

He told me that Capcom already have plans for downloadable content for Street Fighter IV iPhone, but nothing is yet set in stone. He also said that if this game sells well enough it's possible that the publisher could start looking at their popular Versus series of games for the next title they might bring to the iPhone.

And why, I asked, didn't they bring Super Street Fighter IV to the iPhone instead of Street Fighter IV?

"We couldn't release Super Street Fighter IV before the console version because (Super Street Fighter IV Producer Yoshinori) Ono is going to get annoyed," he said. "At some point, though, it would be very interesting if we could release the console version and the iPhone version at the same time."

Could that happen soon, I asked.

"If we work hard it could happen," Tezuka said. "It could happen."

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