Ono talks Super Street Fighter 4 arcade release, Darkstalkers

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • March 16, 2010 at 9:51 p.m. PDT
Ono talks Super Street Fighter 4 arcade release, Darkstalkers Super Street Fighter 4's producer, Yoshinori Ono, was interviewed by Shacknews.com. This piece mostly focuses on a potential arcade release for Super Street Fighter 4 and that Ono would prefer to do Darkstalkers as his next project.

Here's a cut.

Shack: Since there's no planned arcade version for Super Street Fighter IV, do you think the future of SFIV is geared toward American and European audiences beacuse they are more console-based players? Do you hope to convert Japanese players into console players?

Yoshinori Ono: To address your first part, like you say, the market has shifted. Obviously the West has been the center to a lot of activity. Certainly there are more people so there are more players. The world champion of Street Fighter is still [Japanese player] Daigo Umehara. Right under him you have [American] Justin Wong and other really powerful players.

For me personally, Street Fighter is an arcade game. It always has been. I'd love to do an arcade version, but the company is focusing more on console games right now, so [an arcade version of Super] didn't really pan out. That said, if there are people out there that want to see an arcade version, by all means, be vocal about it and let us know.

Shack: So it's still a possibility?

Yoshinori Ono: It's not impossible. If you know any arcade collectors or operators in the US, please tell them to write us letters saying they will buy 100 machines.

Kotaku's Brian Crecente: Would it have to be driven by the US market?

Yoshinori Ono: American interest would be awesome to push us in that direction. In the best-case scenario, you have got maybe a couple hundred arcades that are really serious and would probably buy machines from Capcom, but if we don't get orders in the thousands and thousands we can't get factories mobilized. It would have to go beyond North America and be a worldwide interest.

Thanks to Yes4me and Sanvy for pointing this out.

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