Seth talks release dates, stages and other Super Street Fighter 4 stuff

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • March 8, 2010 at 3:45 a.m. PST
Seth talks release dates, stages and other Super Street Fighter 4 stuff Seth Killian handled a bunch of Super Street Fighter 4 related questions on the Capcom Forums recently.

Not the most exciting topics here, but Killian talks about why SSF4 won't be released until April, that they understand fans want more stages and some soundtrack stuff they're working on, among a few other things.

Here's the latest.
Why do we have to wait so long for Super Street Fighter 4? Why can't you just release it in March?

Seth: We just finished development on the game, and believe it or not it takes time to get the games submitted and approved by Microsoft and Sony, then actually made, and then distributed. There are a ton of moving parts involved in getting the games into people's hands — it's a whole department unto itself.

Are there going to be stages for all of the characters in SSF4? Since the Alpha characters got Metro City, what are the Third Strike fighters going to get?

Seth: Although we added character-specific musical themes, SSFIV hasn't gone back to character-specific stages. Things may go back in that direction, but T. Hawk, Dee Jay, and virtually everyone else doesn't have their own stage either. The "Metro City" stage has a nod to Final Fight with the Haggar statue, but if that's enough why not call it the SF3 stage, since Hugo figures even more prominently in the background?

Overall though, message received: fans want more stages.
In Vanilla Street Fighter 4 certain things will work on one side but not the other, here's an example. Will this be fixed in SSF4?

Seth: While I haven't checked the specifics you mentioned, bug catching is part of normal development. That said, "side-specific" stuff is also part of virtually every Street Fighter game, so while there's no effort to add it in, I'd expect it will show up again in Super in some form or other.

Are you ever going to release the music that was used in the promotional prologues? Such as an OST for The Ties That Bind, and the Chun-Li anime promotional trailer along with the Ryu/Akuma, Sakura and C. Viper one?

Seth: The answer is yes, all of this will be coming out. I don't yet have the details on when or how (trying to coordinate between Japan and elsewhere), but we'll get it to ya.

Is Capcom looking at running any events on the east coast this year?

Seth: We're still early in the 2010 event planning, but nothing specific to share yet. We will definitely be out East a few times at least, and we always do *something* fun (so for instance even if we're just on a press tour, we'll invite some community to stop by and check out the games as well, like we did for RE: Darkside, MH, Tatsunoko, etc. The difficulty remains the same — since we're located out West, the costs for doing an event far away are much, much higher than local stuff, so although we like the events, we're not able to do as much.

We're still looking into some stuff on a more near-term basis, and if we make any moves we'll of course let you know.
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