Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 blog will reveal Hakan on March 11

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • March 5, 2010 at 7:22 a.m. PST
Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 blog will reveal Hakan on March 11 Azrael did a partial translation of the most recent Nakky blog. In this entry, Shiozawa teases us that Hakan will be revealed on March 11, 2010, although we may see some Famitsu scans of him ahead of time.

To date there have been 34 characters posted on the official Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 website, and according to Seth Killian, there is one final character to be revealed. We know from a NowGamer.com article, this final character is Hakan.

Here's the rest of the highlights from the entry.
• The Japanese 3 vs. 3 National Street Fighter 4 Tournament will be streamed live through Nico Nico video.

• The final spot in the national tournament was reserved for the winner of the last tournament - in other words, Iyo. Iyo, the Dhalsim player, has a team picked but it hasn't been revealed who his other team members are, yet.

• There's going to be a special update next Thursday, March 11, and the official site will update as well.

She closes the blog with "Well then, everyone oil up and let's meet again on Thursday!"
*Note: Because of the time difference from Japan to the United States, information about Hakan will likely be posted late Wednesday evening, March 10.
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