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GodsGarden #2 results and bracket for Street Fighter 4 tourney

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • March 6, 2010 at 9:55 a.m. PST • Comments: 0
GodsGarden #2 results and bracket for Street Fighter 4 tourney The live stream for the Godsgarden #2 tournament in Japan was wrapped up this morning. This Street Fighter 4 competition featured some of the top players in Japan.

The stream quality was great, for most people, with near 5,000 viewers watching at one time. There were some very entertaining matches throughout the day, so the videos after the fact should be fantastic.

To see the results and a battle log from the main event, just hit the link below.

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GodsGarden #2 Results for Main Event

1. Tokido (Akuma)
2. Uryo (C. Viper)
3. Mizoteru (Blanka)
4. Momochi (Akuma)
5. Hanamaruki (Sagat)
5. Bonchan (Sagat)
7. Ojisanboy (Sagat)
7. Magic1 girl Zangitan (Zangief)
9. Mago (Sagat)
9. Maeda Taison (Balrog)
9. Kyabetsu (C. Viper)
9. Dashio (C. Viper)
13. Yazu (Guile)
13. Dragonboi (Ken)
13. Chuashi Zessho TKD (El Fuerte)
13. Wao (Ken)

GodsGarden #2 Main Event Battle Log

• Tokido (Akuma) eliminates Uryo (C. Viper) 2-1 in second set.

• Tokido (Akuma) beats Uryo (C. Viper) 2-0 in first set.

• Tokido (Akuma) eliminates Mizoteru (Blanka) 2-1.

• Tokido (Akuma) eliminates Momochi (Akuma) 2-1.

• Tokido (Akuma) eliminates Hanamaruki (Sagat) 2-1.

• Momochi (Akuma) eliminates Bonchan (Sagat) 2-1.

• Bonchan (Sagat) eliminates Ojisanboy (Sagat) 2-0.

• Tokido (Akuma) eliminates Magic1 girl Zangitan (Zangief) 2-0.

• Tokido (Akuma) eliminates Mago (Sagat) 2-0.

• Ojisanboy (Sagat) eliminates Maeda Taison (Balrog) 2-0.

• Bonchan (Sagat) eliminates Kyabetsu (C. Viper) 2-0.

• Magic1 girl Zangitan (Zangief) eliminates Dashio (C. Viper) 2-0.

• Maeda Taison (Balrog) eliminates Yazu (Guile) 2-1.

• Magic1 girl Zangitan (Zangief) eliminates Dragonboi (Ken) 2-1.

• Tokido (Akuma) eliminates Chuashi Zessho TKD (El Fuerte) 2-1.

• Kyabetsu (C. Viper) eliminates Wao (Ken) 2-0.

• Uryo (C. Viper) defeats Mizoteru (Blanka) 2-1.

• Mizoteru (Blanka) defeats Momochi (Akuma) 2-1.

• Uryo (C. Viper) defeats Hanamaruki (Sagat) 2-0.

• Uryo (C. Viper) defeats Bonchan (Sagat) 2-1.

• Mizoteru (Blanka) defeats Ojisanboy (Sagat) 2-0.

• Momochi (Akuma) defeats Mago (Sagat) 2-0.

• Hanamaruki (Sagat) defeats Dashio (C. Viper) 2-0.

• Momochi (Akuma) defeats Dragonboi (Ken) 2-1.

• Bonchan (Sagat) defeats Chuashi Zessho TKD (El Fuerte) 2-0.

• Mizoteru (Blanka) defeats Wao (Ken) 2-1.

• Uryo (C. Viper) defeats Yazu (Guile) 2-1.

• Dashio (C. Viper) defeats Magic1 girl Zangitan (Zangief) 2-0.

• Hanamaruki (Sagat) defeats Tokido (Akuma) 2-0.

• Ojisanboy (Sagat) defeats Maeda Taison (Balrog) 2-1.

• Mago (Sagat) defeats Kyabetsu (C. Viper) 2-0.

Qualifiers Tournament Battle Log

• Mizoteru (Blanka) defeats Aqua (Sagat) 2-0.

• Hanamaruki (Sagat) defeats Kim1234 (M. Bison) 2-0.

• Magic1 girl Zangitan (Zangief) defeats Ichi (Ken) 2-0.

• Bonchan (Sagat) defeats Rei-ketsu-hido (Vega) 2-0.

Random Notes

• Momochi's Cammy took the top spot in the console character only tourney, but the play was decidedly less than stellar. There didn't appear to be many participants, possibly only 4 total.

• Mago (Sagat) played a few online Street Fighter 4 matches over Xbox Live, going 2 for 2. He lost to a Ryu and then a Rufus player rather badly and dominated another Ryu and and then a Blanka player.

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