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Yoshinori Ono working on getting Super Street Fighter 4 on the PC?

Posted by Jon 'Catalyst' Grey • June 24, 2010 at 7:50 a.m. PDT • Comments: 88
Yoshinori Ono working on getting Super Street Fighter 4 on the PC? Street Fighter 4 series producer, Yoshinori Ono, opened up a Twitter account recently. A couple people asked if Capcom will release Super Street Fighter 4 on the PC, and Ono responded to them below.

Ono's English isn't terrific, so it's possible things are being lost in translation, but here's what he had to say on the matter.
Please tell us if Super Street Fighter 4 is coming to the PC.

Ono: The PC version has some problems. In [Street Fighter 4], a large amount of illegal copy appeared on the market all over the world. Please Wait...

Fans who bought the PC version of Street Fighter 4 are waiting for SSF4, will it happen? If so, when?

Ono: We are solving various problems now. Time is necessary for this.
Ono's statements seem to heavily imply they're working on getting the title released on the PC, but they have some hurdles to overcome before they can get approval. While this is a far cry from confirmation that the title will be released on the PC, there appears to be hope still.

Street Fighter 4 was one of the most pirated titles of 2009, which has been mentioned a number of times as to why SSF4 may not see a PC release, but Capcom V.P., Christian Svensson, also said that the arcade release increased the chances of a PC conversion back in April, but he went on to add that the game was not in development at that time.
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