GodsGarden online Super Street Fighter 4 results, Sako vs. YHC Mochi

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • July 31, 2010 at 6:10 a.m. PDT
GodsGarden online Super Street Fighter 4 results, Sako vs. YHC Mochi YHC Mochi (Dhalsim) and Sako (Cammy) played in the grand finals of the GodsGarden online Super Street Fighter 4 tournament this morning, here's a link to archived video of the GamerVision stream.

This was an interesting set, as Cammy is largely considered to have the advantage in this head to head match up.

For the results and a recap, click the link below.

Sako (Cammy) 10
YHC Mochi (Dhalsim) 5

While this is regarded as a 6-4 match up in Cammy's favor in the current tier rankings, some players would argue it's closer to 7-3, with Dhalsim being at a strong disadvantage.

Dhalsim doesn't have great options to punish Cammy's mistakes unless he has a full Super meter. Also, he must avoid the corner where Cammy's rushdown, combos and speed will give him serious problems, as he'll typically lose some life trying to escape a corner situation once he's pinned down.

Cammy wants to score knockdowns whenever possible, as this sets up her deadly offensive rushdown. Once Cammy gets inside on Dhalsim, she can end things quickly with a few large combos and continually mixing things up, as Sim's reduced stamina doesn't give him a big margin for error.

This match is a big contrast in styles as Dhalsim wants to be near full-screen distance at almost all times and Cammy wants to be up close whenever possible.

Cammy's ability to close ground quickly, vary her offense and punish some of Dhalsim's moves are the main reasons Cammy is considered to be stronger in this match up.

While YHC Mochi showed this is a winnable match and made things competitive, he opened up this set by losing the first 5 games, even though some of the matches came down to the wire.

At this point, Mochi started to bait out more unsafe attacks from Cammy and punished them accordingly to win his first game. With the score 5-1, it appeared that Mochi had started to get a feel for what Sako was trying to do, but things turned quickly once his Dhalsim got cornered in the next match and Cammy ended up pulling out another win to make the score 6-1.

Even though Mochi was taking a beating, he showed that Dhalsim's Super can be a game changer, taking off large amounts of Cammy's life when she left herself open. Mochi again was able to win another game, but lost the next set because of a few bad reads. At this point, it was 7-3 in Sako's favor.

Facing an almost insurmountable deficit, YHC Mochi began to make some headway by winning every other game from this point on, but it ended up being too little too late, as Sako had built a huge lead on the scoreboard and he was able to take the GodsGarden Online Super Street Fighter 4 title despite Mochi weathering the storm a bit.

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