Capcom will not release any new fighters this year

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • July 31, 2010 at 11:51 a.m. PDT
Capcom will not release any new fighters this year Capcom's Christian Svensson fielded a number of questions recently on the Unity Boards.

Probably the most interesting statement was that the company would not be releasing any more fighting games this year, beyond Super Street Fighter 4 which came out in April.

The door was still left open though for additional DLC content, which is rumored to happen this fall, and could potentially add new characters to the roster.

Are you guys going to release any other fighting games this year?

Sven: Beyond Super Street Fighter IV that shipped just 3 months ago? No.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is "Spring" [2011].

And Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online Edition and Street Fighter X Tekken are not this year... and as stated in the [Comic-Con] panel where it was announced SFxT is really far away. Development only has really started after Super shipped.

Is Street Fighter X Tekken limited to just the Tekken characters, or will we see other Namco franchises represented?

Sven: It is purely Street Fighter and Tekken characters. This is an X ("Cross") title, not a Versus title.

I heard that Yoshinori Ono said Street Fighter X Tekken plays more like a Street Fighter game than a Vs. game, so they decided to label it as a Cross game, i.e. an X. Is this true?

Sven: [Yes]. Versus games have very specific mechanics. This game is a Street Fighter game (which also has very specific mechanics but they are different from Versus titles).

Were the characters that were included in Super Street Fighter 4 based on fan feedback or were they selected because they fit in with the storyline?

Sven: [...] Indeed the roster for SSFIV was determined by fan feedback from the roster we had in SFIV. People asked for more SF3, Final Fight and Alpha characters as well as wanting to complete the SF2 cast. So that's what we provided.

The ones that were chosen in each of those categories were indeed based upon the popularity of those characters/fan feedback.

Ghost Rider isn't going to be playable in Marvel vs. Capcom 3? Are you insane!?

Sven: Sorry guys but I really can't say why certain decisions to cut one character or another was made. I generally don't sit in those meetings as they get more detailed than I'm usually able to get (though I was in the ones where the initial proposals were determined and as Niitsuma mentioned, Ghost Rider was in the mix at that time).

I will say that the roster we have across the board is excellent and I believe at the end of the day, people will be pleased. There's no shortage of great additions from both pantheons and at the same time, there are many others that would have also been great additions who for whatever reason, didn't make the cut this time.

Are you going to use GGPO with your upcoming fighting games?

Sven: I'm not going to be able to answer this directly but let me ask you a question.

What have been the commonalities in titles that have used it (or something like it) and ones that haven't?

[Editor's note: Sven seems to be implying here that the digital only versions of upcoming fighters will use GGPO, while other games like MvC3 and SFxT seem like they won't be, as has been the pattern previously.]

In the EGMi write up for MvC3, they say it's going to be released on the Wii. Is this true?

Sven: The information they've given is incorrect. It is only for X360 and PS3.

Will we see Lucia Morgan and Dean from Final Fight 3 added to a Street Fighter game?

Sven: I would say that this would be a long shot.

In other related news, EuroGamer confirmed that Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online Edition will be a downloadable title, like Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix.

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