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New details from Marvel vs. Capcom 3's producer

Posted by Jon 'Catalyst' Grey • July 22, 2010 at 8:54 a.m. PDT • Comments: 131
New details from Marvel vs. Capcom 3's producer Capcom-Unity conducted an interview with Marvel vs. Capcom 3's producer, Ryota Niitsuma, at Comic-Con and archived video is up on their uStream page.

It's over an hour long, so to save you the trouble of watching the whole clip, here are the interesting bits that came up.
• Ryota Niitsuma confirmed that these characters will NOT be in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Phoenix Wright, Emma Frost, Daredevil, Gene from God Hand, Ghost Rider and Punisher.

• Ghost Rider was on the list of potential characters up until the end, but didn't make the cut and Punisher wasn't included because he was too similar to Chris Redfield. They developers were careful about not having characters who would overlap too much.

• Niitsuma didn't rule out more Comic-Con MvC3 announcements — although he said this before Thor and Amaterasu were confirmed.

• The current character select screen is not completely indicative of what the final character screen will look like. So counting the available slots won't get you far.
• Each stage is tied to at least some of the characters in the game. Later, Niitsuma was asked if that means Mega Man will be in the game because of the Mega Man Legends stage. He said he wouldn't go back on what he said previously, but fans will have to wait and see.

• Air dashing will be as similar to MvC2 as possible. Not every character will have one, but it will be close to what was in the previous game as far as how many fighters can perform it.

• An arcade version isn't planned, but if the reception to the game is good, an arcade release might pan out.

• Ryota recommended Ryu and Captain America as good characters to start off to learn the basics, but said that you should choose fighters based on if you like them and if their style of play fits you. He added that the game isn't that difficult to learn, so you should be OK using most of the roster.

• The 'Take You For a Ride' song might be returning. It's a popular tune and they did a few new arrangements on it, so we'll see if it ends up in the game.

• Capcom realizes the timer is running out quickly on players in these early builds, usually before they can K.O. someone — but the game is still being balanced and they're aware of this issue. Basically, if it continues to be a problem as the game progresses, expect a change.

• Trish is an advanced character and isn't recommended for beginning players.

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