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Updated: Part 1 of Shiozawa's Q&A, with cliff notes

Posted by Jon 'Catalyst' Grey • February 15, 2010 at 1:13 a.m. PST • Comments: 0
Updated: Part 1 of Shiozawa's Q&A, with cliff notes Azrael has translated about half of a recent question and answer session held on the Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 blog with Shiozawa (Nakky). To make things a little easier to go through, you can find cliff notes below followed by the first bit of the Q&A.

You can check out the second part of this article by clicking here.
• SSFIV is sold separate from SFIV because they’ve in essence built it from the ground up, so its too much to be handled as additional content.

• More hinting at Ibuki.

• No special conditions to get to the bonus stages.

• The developers and producers (Ono included) read the comments on the blogs.
• No “Making of” video, but that’s what the Dev Blog is for.

• No plans for any SF1 character, but who would you want to see?

• Would be cool to one day have the characters actually speaking their respective languages (ie Russian for Gief, Chinese for Chun).

• Someone asks for a flight suit alt for Guile, and she points out a picture showing Guile throwing a sonic boom while wearing sunglasses - is this a new item, or a new move?

• SSFIV will run at 720p just like SFIV.

• She says you’ll be able to use the new characters from the beginning (no unlocking?)

• Someone asks to be able to pick the regular stages in the training mode, and she says its something to think about for next time (implying its not a feature this time around).

• Someone asks for Vega’s stage with the chain link fence. She says that it’s a popular request, and if they add any more stages its sure to be at the top of the list.

• New Mad Catz stick being developed for SSFIV. She’ll share more info when she has it.

• She says they’re working hard enough to make the dream of arcade SSFIV a reality. Believe in them and please wait.

• Many people wanted to see a Mama Viper costume, but Nakky says if Viper is in mom-mode she’s probably not going to fight.

• Someone points out the way BP is handled is weird, with minimal gains and big losses. She doesn’t really address this issue.

• No comments in the Replay Channel.

• Some complaining about the new costumes, in which she refers to the last dev blog.

• Someone asked if Ultra II can only be used when the gauge is maxxed out - she replies that it can be used the same as Ultra I.

• Someone asks for Evil Ryu. She doesn’t answer the question.

• Someone asks about a BP penalty for ragequitters. She says the penalty is the disconnect ratio that’s displayed.

• She says that the search function has been improved from SFIV - before, it gave you someone close to the specified parameters, now it will only give you what you asked for.

• No special mode for just viewing character models.

• Someone asks if the devs really listen to the comments. She says they do - they don’t depend on them, but as they want the players to enjoy, they do at least listen.

• Confirms 2 alt costumes for the new SSFIV characters and 3 total for the returning SFIV cast.

• Someone asks if there will be a time limit for picking ultras. She says that you pick the ultra at the same time you pick your character, so there’s no time limit. I will assume this doesn’t apply to vs modes (or at least hope so…)

• They won’t be able to make any changes based on the feedback from 4/4 (the game to be shown at the National Tournament).

• Apologies, but the anime will not be available for the PS3 version. The anime is only available on the first-run production of the game. The anime is not a separate disc, but when you buy the game you get a code that will let you download it from the Marketplace. She also says that its possible for people outside of Japan to have access to the anime.

• Someone asks about R. Mika, and she doesn’t really address the question.

• Someone asks about a portable version of SFIV, and she says it would be nice if there was one.

• SSFIV’s story takes place around the same time as SFIV… but the story itself is separate.

• Titles and unlocked colors won’t carry over from SFIV.

• There will be “something” at the National Tournament.

• There will be a special update next week on the 18th (one day early), she hints very heavily that there will be a new character reveal.

• Shiozawa said that when they were making Super Street Fighter 4, they were considering redoing the profiles of the characters in order to fix issues that had come up like the low weight. However, they decided to keep the profiles as is under the consideration that the Street Fighter IV line of titles is meant to be based on Street Fighter II.

• Someone complained that the Street Fighter IV commercials weren't too great and asked that Capcom make better one this time around in order to make the Street Fighter IV name rise in Japan. But Shiozawa said Capcom is not making commercials this time around.

(Thanks to AndriaSang for translating the last two questions)
Here's a translated version of the question and answer session.

Hello everyone!

I got to go to the Kyushu Qualifiers last week! I thought maybe it would be warmer down there than in Tokyo, but man was it cold! The people who came out were the most hyped crowd yet! I won't soon forget the happy look on Kindevu's face when he won.

Well then, today I'd like to bring you the 10th entry of the Q&A Series!

But you know, today marks the one-year anniversary of SFIV's sale on the PS3 and 350. I remember nervously walking around the shops in Akihabara and Shinjuku first thing in the morning. Has it already been one year since then... Thank you very much, everyone!

Eh, enough of the sentimental stuff, let's get right to it!

Oh, but while I'm thinking about it, as for the questions and comments being made over on the Developers Blog, they'll be answering those questions on the 2/16 update! I have also taken the questions made here that I felt were suited more towards the developers and passed it along to them, so be sure to read it!

Okay, now let's face this beast in the mouth!

Q: I have SFIV on the PS3, so do I have to buy SFIV separately?
A: Yes... SSFIV isn't just an add-on, we've been building it from the ground up, so it would be really difficult to have it as DLC.

Q: The way the characters move in slow motion during the staff roll is way too cool.
A: Oh, thank you very much! We've got the same kind of staff roll in SSFIV, so be sure to beat the game and take a good look at it!

Q: As I don't have a cell phone, please make it so that I can change my IC Card's setting by computer.
A: Ah, the mobile site contents. Sorry, but at this time we are not planning support for computers or the iPhone...

Q: I've got a feeling that female high school ninja is going to be in the game. Seeing as how we don't yet have any fighters from the SFIII series.
A: Hmm, I see. Aside from SFI, there are also no characters from SFIII in the game either. Could that kunai be hers?! Or is it...?!

Q: This is the first time I've ever been this hype for a game's release in my life.
A: Thank you for such joyous words! If you are looking forward to it that much, we'll make sure not to disappoint you!

Q: If you fulfill certain conditions, you can challenge Akuma at the end. This time around there are bonus stages, but please don't attach conditions to them.
A: Bonus stages have no conditions! Please rest assured.

Q: You have been listening to fans requests regarding characters and adding them in, but I think you'd have a more accurate view of what everyone wants by holding a poll or a survey.
A: We wanted to have a survey, but we just weren't able to... But Lil' Ono, the development staff, everyone reads the comments here on the blog, so please keep them coming in!

Q: You said "Our first ninja, Guy!" ... "First"?! Does that mean there's going to be a second?!
A: Oh-ho-ho-ho. Well, we still haven't figured out who is throwing that kunai, have we?

Q: As a special feature, I'd like to see a "Making Of" where we can hear about difficulties during development or how the new characters were decided on.
A: Unfortunately, we couldn't put a Making Of video together. Sorry. But in its place, we have the developers blog, where you can hear about all the behind the scenes stuff going on. Be sure to read it and leave your comments!

Q: How about Nakky as a hidden character? You could have some sort of connection with Juri.
Name: Natsuki Shiozawa
Nationality: Capcom Republic
Birthday: 8/1
Likes: Cammy, Juni, Juli
Dislikes: Juri, Seth, Bison
Special Skills: See you next week, Microsoft Word
Fighting Style: Half-assed imbued with Psycho Power
A: Hey! Where'd you get this idea of me as a character! My nationality is the same as Bison's Shadowloo! My special skills suck! And what's with my fighting style?!

Q: Will the game be on the arrange CPS2 version same as last time?
A: Yes.

Q: Are there no plans to include characters from SFI? I know there's big demand for the SFIII and Alpha characters, but how about the originals?
A: We certainly don't have any plans for the SFI characters. The characters with the most demand end up taking priority. Which characters from the original would you all like to see?

Q: As there aren't stages for all the characters, is there any possibility of putting them in later as DLC?
A: We have no plans for that at the moment. But in return, our development staff has no plans to stop trying to make everyone happy!

Q: If you've got BGM for all the characters, then I'm going to want a soundtrack. And also, a DVD with all the trailers from the previous game. Can't you sell something like this?
A: We had a feeling you'd ask, and that's why we've got the Collectors Package! Man, we really called this one!

Q: All SSFIV players in Korea are supporting the Capcom developers. Do your best, and take care of your health!
A: A comment from Korea, thank you very much! I'll be sure to eat, sleep, and work hard!

Q: Hey! Nakky! Let me ask you a question in your Q&A! Is my surprise guest from SVC gonna join the fight? O-kay!
A: SVC?! Well, I can't really say anything about that, but you never know!

Q: This is something I've been thinking for a while now, but changing the voices per character would really give us a feel of these fighters coming together from all over the world! For example, Zangief saying his move names in Russian, or Chun-Li's win comments in Chinese.
A: I would also definitely like to see a Street Fighter with such an international feel! The characters will feel completely different, like a brand new world. Really, someday it would be nice if we could get fighters and voice actors from all over the world to help out with this!

Q: What's up with the timeline of SSFIV? Does SSFIV have the same story as IV but just with new characters and systems? Or does it take place after SFIV?
A: It takes place at the same time as SFIV, but focuses on events that happen at a different place... that's SSFIV!

Q: It'd be cool if, for the car breaking stage, like the SFIII parry bonus stage, the model of the car would change according to different levels. For example, Level 1 would be a compact car, Level 2 would be a sudan (the current car), Level 3 could be an armored car. As the level gets higher, breaking it would become more difficult. Is this possible?
A: It's not possible, but I think people would definitely enjoy it! If we were to make new bonus stages now, we could add levels and the object to destroy would become much larger! And the last level would be to destroy the big plane that the four bosses ride in on in the Africa Stage!

Q: This really is a great blog. I can feel the love for both the game and the players. Development is probably reaching its climax, but please be sure to take care of yourself.
A: I'm glad my passion is reaching you! We've given it our all to make SFIV and SSFIV without compromise because we love it, but we love more the fans who enjoy playing the game.

Q: There have been a lot of people concerned for your health and a lot of support messages. I wonder if this helps to give you a little extra boost? Please don't forget that I and many other fans are supporting you!
A: I could cry... I won't forget! I really won't! The comments from everyone, the serious looks on everyone's faces when they're playing, the look of joy when they win, and the look of regret when they lose, I won't forget any of it.

Q: A lot of people are asking for a female character from Alpha 3 Upper... how about it?
A: I can't spill the beans about something that important here, can I?!

Q: I have just one request. Since this is SUPER and all, I'd like for a special guest. And that would be a certain female from the Vampire series!
A: I also love that sexy woman! She'd be perfect for a sexy showdown with Rose, Viper, and Chun-Li. But I don't know how she would fight in the current SSFIV system...

Q: Someone asked before about Cody's Final Destruction, so I fired up PS1 Alpha 3 after a long time and tried out X-ism Cody. But I could only get the punch chains to come out less than 30% of the time. Man, 10 years is way too long...
A: But, I think a 20% success rate after 10 years is pretty good! Your body just remembers things even after time passes.

Q: (About Seth's Alternate Costume) If you lose once and he comes back with his "Fu-ha-ha-ha" laugh, at that time parts of his lower body fade out, and he starts the second round in a very unsightly manner!
A: How embarrassing! That's too embarrassing to do!

Q: Ryu with the Satsui no Hadou awakened. A sleepy Ken who's just woken up in the morning. Guile who has managed to overcome natto. Zangief who has defeated fireballs. Dan who has defeated seaweed. Chun and Cammy in suggestive dresses.
A: Except for Ryu and Gief, these all seem pretty weak don't you think?! If you pick the sleepy Ken, his stage would be his house complete with Eliza!

Q: I'd like to request a pilot suit for Guile's alternate costume. He is in the Air Force after all...
A: Oh! Nice question! This time around, Guile has a new item... or is that a new move?!

Q: Thanks for all your hard work, I know you must be busy. I only play in the arcades, so I'm waiting for some good news there. Let's go all out at the National Tournament!
A: Thank you very much! Everyone has been getting really into it, so thanks to you all going to the Qualifiers is really fun! We'll work hard to make sure that all this effort doesn't go to waste!

Q: Does SSFIV not support 1080p and only run in 720p, just like SFIV?
A: Yep, 720p!

Q: I'd like some SSFIV wallpapers to keep up my motivation level.
A: Yes! It may not be soon, but I keep whispering in the designers ears that it would be nice if we had more cool wallpapers, so please wait just a little more!

Q: Does Guile's hair grow out at all? And does he have cotton in his pants (against cold weather)?
A: Of course his hair grows out! Every morning he carefully cuts it for that flat look! And for the pants, I imagine they're military issue, so they're made from a strong material... probably cotton!

Q: What do I have to do to be able to use Guy, Cody, Juri, Adon, T. Hawk, etc?
A: Guy, Cody, and the rest aren't available in SFIV that's on sale now! On 4/28 Super Street Fighter IV will go on sale, and you'll be able to use them from the start!

Q: I heard you really like E. Honda, is that true? Then I've thought up a new move for you. It's called the "Hundred Hand Slap For Shiozawa"! Take Honda's Hand Slap full of his passion and motivation, and use it to overcome your difficult schedule until the game goes on sale.
A: Huh... well... what? I guess if you say I like Honda, then I like Honda! But... "Hundred Hand Slap For Shiozawa"... doesn't that mean that I'm the one who gets slapped?! But I guess that gets me motivated! Okay, I gotcha!

Q: How about a "Honda Butt Slam" mini game? Knock over the hippos! Knock over the elephant! Knock down Sari and Dan! Topple the meercats like dominoes! And for the finisher, destroy the construction site!
A: So basically, this is a game where you just butt slam over and over again?! Well, since I apparently love Honda, I guess I'll go push Lil Ono to make it happen!

Q: For SSFIV, if we could have a box package with special artwork, then it would be an essential item for enjoying to play the game for a very long time.
A: Of course! The Collectors Package has a special illustration! Its a really cool image of Ryu and Ken. As the sale date gets a little closer, I'd like to show you all! It would also make for an awesome wallpaper, so we're also taking that into consideration!

Q: If we could choose our stages on the training mode, then it would let us take a better look at the environments that the staff has worked so hard on. Also, some other people have recommended this as well, but if we could enable Fight Request during Training Mode, it would make those people like me who aren't very good and can't improve their combos very happy.
A: Hmm, I see. I understand. You've got a good point. We'll think about this for the future!

Q: How exactly did Cody get out of jail? Did he have a plan like those Prison Break guys (laughs). Or did he just make a run for it (laughs)?
A: Heh heh, in Cody's prologue in-game, you'll get to see what happened. Please look forward to it.

Q: The stages in SFIV, including the additional ones, are really chic and beautiful. I'd like a horizontally-long wall scroll of them to hang up in my room.
A: I'm very happy that everyone likes the stages so much! It was quite unexpected to have requests for a stage viewing mode as well. For stages like the Savannah and India, they are their own little world that you can just gaze into. If we could have things run in real time, it would be cool to feature them in a separate mode!

Q: Are Andore and Hugo different persons? Please tell me.
A: They're the same person! Just a different name... sorry for the trouble!

Q: The environments, in both this game in SFIV as well, are very fitting. I'd like to see a return of Vega's steel fence stage.
A: Thank you very much! Requests for the return of Vega's steel fence stage rank right up there at number 1! I can't guarantee anything, but its popular enough to the point where if more stages were added, it would probably be the first to be decided on.

Q: The hippos are huge! The hippos are going to kill me!
A: Yeah huh, its easy to imagine a "Vs. Hippo" Bonus stage. Sakura would get eaten up...

Q: The animals are of such high quality, you must have had fun in making them. You could just make an animal game on its own. I was really surprised by the quality of the new stages. On the Savannah stage, you could make a separate game where you just watch the animals.
A: This is the highest praise yet! I'm very happy, thank you very much! I also feel like we've really outdone ourselves here.

Q: I'd like to fight on a stage featuring the aurora.
A: Oh, so you mean the North or South Pole! I really love polar bears, so to some serious extent I'd love to make a North Pole stage! With the same quality of the Savannah stage, we could have polar bears and polar foxes, and some seals too! Make this, Mr. Kamei!

Q: That big statue, that's that mayor isn't it... I've been wondering this ever since Cody was introduced, but isn't this Metro City?
A: Heh heh, well that's what it would mean, wouldn't it!

Q: Midnight Live was cool. But no one use T. Hawk. Next time, I'd appreciate it if someone would use him.
A: Oh! Come to think of it... yep, no one used him. Sorry Hawk!

Q: I saw Midnight Live! Mr. Ono went nuts! You and Tsukamoto were also there.
A: Thank you for watching! I heard after wards that for the SFIV one, I was on camera quite a bit. I thought I was out of the camera's line of sight (embarrassed).

Q: If you're going to be selling a new joystick, please put it up on the official site.
A: Of course! The official stick for SSFIV this time around will be from MAD CATZ! As soon as I have more information I'll be sure to let you know.

Q: Dhalsim and Sari's marriage... is it a marriage of status, or one where their love overcame class borders?
A: Hmm... that hasn't really been discussed has it? The usually cool Dhalsim getting passionate and marrying someone of a different class... or a simple marriage prospect meeting that leads to a warm marriage... it's easy to picture both, so its hard to say!

Q: I've been reading this blog ever since SSFIV was announced. Next year will be awesome! I'm definitely buying SSFIV. Have a Happy New Year!
A: On the last blog of 2009, everyone wished me a Happy New Year, and I really did have a happy New Year! My New Year fortune is good luck! It said "There's no doubt about your good fortune." ... Really?

Q: Arcade SSFIV! I'm waiting! For arcade players like me, I'm really happy to hear your words of enthusiasm for it! I still play in the arcade! I'll be supporting the effort from the shadows!
A: These voices, these thoughts, this passion has definitely reached us. We are working hard enough to make an arcade version a reality. Please believe in us and just wait a little bit more!

Q: This blog is what I look forward to the most. I've been playing Street Fighter for many years now, but to think that Capcom would listen to players opinions and answer questions to this extent, its like a dream.
A: "Look forward to the most," ... If you say it like that, that makes me really happy. Writing this blog can be difficult at times, but if even just one person is looking forward to it like this, then I can keep writing them! I'll keep on so that everyone can continue to love SSFIV!

Q: For the end of the Year of the Ox we had Bison. For the Year of the Tiger, shouldn't it have been Sagat?
A: Ah...! That's right! I dropped the ball!

Q: Ms. Shiozawa, Mr. Ono, and the development staff, how was your Christmas?
A: With lovers, spouses, children... exchanging presents, eating turkey... that'd be nice huh? What we really did was debugging and tweaking for SSFIV. Ho ho ho. Before we knew it, it was time for the end of the year clean-up.

Q: "Cow Horn Hair" is a terrible thing to say to a girl! Given Juri's appearance and personality, I think a more fitting name would be "Little Devil Horns"!
A: Okay, I understand! Little Devil Horns it is!

Q: Please give up on Vipers's alt where you can't even see cleavage. Since Viper is a mother, I'd like to see a "Mama Time" costume with her wearing an apron!
A: We had a lot of requests for Viper's costume! Personally, I would also like to see her with her hair down and sunglasses off, and with an apron and slippers - Mama Viper! But if Viper was fighting as a mama, her beloved daughter Lauren would probably be carried off somewhere... darnit...

Q: It's too bad that SSFIV wasn't at the game show in September. Especially since I was there. Especially since I went in Ryu cosplay, with my travel sack over my shoulder and in barefeet. If SSFIV had been there I would have gotten a nosebleed.
A: I also feel it was too bad the game wasn't there. I wanted it to be on display, and for everyone to get a chance to play it. Sorry for not getting it done. You did a Ryu cosplay! I would have wanted a picture with you!

Q: Your eye icon is ugly. Hurry up and change it.
A: Please put up with it a little while longer!

Q: The BP loss system is whack. If I win I don't get that much, but if I lose I lose a lot.
A: Going along with the theme of "Going to meet guys stronger than me" from SFII, if you win against someone strong you get a lot of BP. If you lose to someone weak you lose a lot of BP. On the other hand, if you beat someone weak you don't get that much BP, and if you lose to someone stronger you don't lose that much!

Q: I'd like to ask about SFIV tournaments. I heard from arcades that its hard to have tournaments without Capcom's permission. So is it difficult to have one without Capcom's permission? Also, if like with the Shiozawa Cup, we consult with Capcom beforehand, is it possible to get special titles?
A: Hmm... well, outside of official tournaments, I believe many people are having fun with their own tournaments and events. You don't have to get Capcom's permission for that. But if the arcade has said that, then just in case maybe it's best to give Capcom some kind of notice. We can give out special titles with consultation! Please get into the event spirit!

Q: My first dream of the new year was that I went into the Replay Channel after the game went on sale, and there were all sorts of channels, such as "Recommended For Beginners", "Get To Know A Specific Character", "Intense Battles", etc. Incidentally, will we be able to leave comments somewhere in the channels?
A: What a nice first dream. However, its not possible to leave comments in the channels. Sorry! More than the channels being a way of communication, it was the result of communication - its a nice service kind of thing!

Q: I have a big request! Just 2 rival battles aren't enough! (Sorry, sorry...) Coming from a fellow Shiozawa!
A: Wow, we have the same last name of Shiozawa! Aside from celebrities I've never met another one. This Shiozawa would also like to see rival battles with all the characters. But that would be a lot of rival battles and very difficult to implement. But it would be nice!

Q: If we're going to have alternate costumes, I'd like an explanation. Why do we have to have stuff like Chinese vampires and robots?
A: This topic was touched upon in the Developers Blog on 2/9 (Tues)! In SFIV, the main point was keeping the essence of the character intact. SSFIV is geared towards everyone who enjoyed SFIV, and on Lil' Ono's direction this time around we wanted to do costumes that were a bit more playful. So this time, our development staff is really satisfied with the alternate costumes. As I wrote on the 1/8 blog, I really like Mega Zangief F and Cammy's Bison cosplay! Once you see them in action its really fun! So if everyone would give them a try I'd be really happy.

Q: Do you think that Mega Zangief F belongs in a Street Fighter game?
A: Yes! It goes well with the nitty-gritty feel of the Street Fighter series.

Q: I'm really happy about Cammy's Bison cosplay alt. I'd like to see Bison's cute bodyguards all sporting that look.
A: Yes! I love female characters, and I'd like to see the dolls fight in various different looks! It'd be exciting.

Q: Please give props to whoever made the alt costumes for Balrog and Cody.
A: Understood, I will.

Q: Zangief's costume is great! Why the heck are people complaining? (laughs)
A: It is great! But some people are unhappy about it (that makes me sad).

Q: The 2nd ultras all look pretty strong. Are they ultras that can only be used with the Revenge Gauge is at max?
A: No, you can use them in the same way you use Ultra I! So plan your strategies accordingly.

Q: You haven't really said if the costumes will be paid-content or not. They're going to be free, right?
A: Same as last time, the alternate costumes will be sold in 5-character packs, released in order.

Q: (About Ultras) As a super-special move in the SF series, you really went overboard with the flashy flying moves, but its just about right. Seeing the characters facial expressions is a great touch. That kind of camera work is one of the great things about 3D games.
A: Oh... thank you very much! We didn't want to lose the "Seriously?!" excitement of Street Fighter, so I feel that the Ultras bring out that excitement, as well as laughs, and of course cool ones as well!

You can check out the second part of the Q&A session by clicking here.

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