Nakky blog offers more Super Street Fighter 4 collector's edition details

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • February 4, 2010 at 9:36 p.m. PST | Comments: 0
Nakky blog offers more Super Street Fighter 4 collector's edition details Azrael translated the Feb. 4th Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 blog entry.

Inside you'll find more details on the collector's edition, SSIV will come in four different flavors with various goodies thrown in — at least for the Japanese release. To see the whole post, just click the link below.
Hello everyone!

There were a lot of people at the Kansai Qualifer last week, and it was really exciting! Oh, and someone who had come from Hiroshima gave me some momiji manju (meat buns). I was really happy. And they were very delicious! Thanks for the treat.

Well, we're at the point where its really cold, with some snowfall even. In this cold weather, as I was checking the DVD menus and booklets that come with the Collectors Package, I was able to get some good leaked info from the e-Capcom staff Ms. Kana Urazawa and Mr. Mini Suke!
It seems as though the details for the e-Capcom version have been decided! ... And as they were literally just decided not to long ago, unfortunately I have no samples to show you. But for those of you who have been holding off on making your e-Capcom reservation in lieu of more info, I wanted to get this info to you as quickly as possible!

First let's get the big stuff out of the way! There will be 4 packages available for sale on the e-Capcom website.

1. Regular Edition
Only the Super Street Fighter IV Software! 4,990 Yen! -- Tax Included (About $55 USD)

2. Collectors Package
Includes a DVD with all of the promotional videos from Street Fighter IV to Super Street Fighter IV, as well as a soundtrack CD featuring remixed themes for all the characters. Only 5,990 Yen! -- Tax Included. (About $66 USD)

3. Regular Edition + e-Capcom Special Bonus!
This will be the SSFIV software, plus the e-Capcom special bonuses. The PV DVD and character theme soundtrack are not included!

4. Collectors Package + e-Capcom Special Bonus!
The official name for this is the "Super Street Fighter IV e-Capcom Limited Edition (Collectors Package Ver)".

This is the most fully-loaded set! Includes the Collectors Package and the e-Capcom bonuses! You'll wonder how we can afford to give away all this stuff!

Well then, let's take a look at the e-Capcom Special Bonuses!

e-Capcom Special Bonus 1
-- Command and Combo Sheet

For those of you who want to try out Juri, but don't want to hit the pause button every time just to see her moves, this is perfect for you!

Displayed just like a calendar, this wonderfully practical item lets you see the command list and select combos for all characters! For example, just as you would turn to February in your calendar, you can turn to Juri's page and confirm her special moves without having to interrupt your play. Its simple, but most definitely functional.

e-Capcom Special Bonus 2
-- e-Capcom Special DVD

Come one come all! This is something our development staff has been saying "We want this!" "We need this!" "Why didn't we have this before!" about, so me and Lil' Ono pushed for it. Just like Street Fighter 4, Super Street Fighter 4 has a Trial Mode, where you can polish up your combos and what not.

However, each character has 24 different trials. As the level gets harder, so does the timing, the conditions, and it just gets much harder in general. Even our developers can't clear them easily. As there's no type of example or guidebook in the game (sorry!), you just had to figure it out on your own.

And that's where this special DVD comes in. For all characters, you'll be able to see stick motions, hand movements, and the in-game screen on a split-screen! (Right now, we're not sure if we can do this for all 24 trials, but rest assured we will have it for the later hard trials at least.)

And we also have plans for some of the best SFIV players to use the new characters in SSFIV in an all-out battle, that we'll record! We'll have more information about this as it becomes available, so stay turned!

Man... it isn't just nice bonuses, its also very practical as well! And the price is... 7,490 Yen! -- Planned (About $83 USD) We were hammering out the price at the very last minute before updating this blog!

Now, we are currently taking pre-orders for these special bonuses at the e-Capcom website. (Please note that you must be an e-Capcom member to take advantage of pre-orders).

Also, don't forget that we are also accepting pre-orders for the Collectors Package. Only limited quantities of this are being made, so if you want to be sure to have yours on the sale date please be sure to make your reservation early!

And finally, an announcement! On our official site, we have some new HD wallpapers up! Just click on your favorite character, move the mouse to somewhere in the background, right click and select "Use As Wallpaper"! Enjoy the SSFIV characters on your desktop!

Well then, the National Tournament is just 2 months away! If you think its just a tournament and a test-play event, you are sorely mistaken. ... What... what?!

Oops... if I say anymore than that, they'll get angry at me again, so this is where I take my leave of you! (runs away)

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