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Marvel vs. Capcom 3 character notes from Japanese Q&A

Posted by Jon 'Catalyst' Grey • December 13, 2010 at 4:35 a.m. PST • Comments: 146
Marvel vs. Capcom 3 character notes from Japanese Q&A RyanCE transcribed a Q&A session that was held with the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 developers that contained a few interesting notes about the characters who were and were not included.
• The Thing was considered at one point, but they felt he would be too similar to Hulk.

• Human Torch was a completed character, but he ate up too much RAM and had to be taken out.

• Marvel suggested Super-Skrull as a Human Torch replacement.

• To balance the roster out, Niitsuma wanted to include a young Marvel female, and ultimately X-23 was decided on.

• Niitsuma intentionally held off Spider-Man's announcement until the Tokyo Game Show because he is a popular character in Japan.

• Marvel was reluctant to grant permission to include Shuma-Gorath, but Capcom convinced them that he is popular and an important part of the series history.

• Shuma-Gorath was the first Marvel character that Capcom proposed to Marvel — and he may have originally been planned as an on-disc character.

• Felicia has yet to appear in an official English language gameplay video because of the ESRB.
Pointed out by John Z and an anonymous reader.
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