Super Street Fighter 4 AE blog: Changes to Guile, Seth, Dee Jay & Hakan

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • December 6, 2010 at 11:07 p.m. PST
Super Street Fighter 4 AE blog: Changes to Guile, Seth, Dee Jay & Hakan The latest Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition blog has been posted. This one details changes made to Guile, Seth, Dee Jay and Hakan.

Keep in mind that this is not a complete list of changes for these characters, and more things that have been altered will be discovered with time.

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Unique Attacks

• Deleted hittable box for his Reverse Spin Kick (Toward or Back + Hard Kick) from his knee and below during the first few frames after starting up and reduced its damage. With this adjustment, it's possible to make attacks like Ryu's Crouching Medium Kick whiff and hit them out.

• Spinning Back Knuckle's (Toward + Hard Punch) damage reduced.

Special Moves

• Sonic Boom's meter gain at startup is halved, and we adjusted his meter gaining rate through the match.

• Light Kick, Medium Kick and Hard Kick Flash Kicks damage reduced.

Ultra 2

• Sonic Hurricane's damage has been reduced, and the startup time is a bit slower.


• Damage nerf is applied to Special Moves and his Ultra 2, so we can say his damage is reduced throughout.

• He will require more attacks to finish off opponents.

• There are almost no changes to his frame data, so in Arcade Edition he can do everything that he can already do.


Normal Moves

• His Toward Jumping Hard Punch's number of active frames is doubled, so it's easier to hit with now.

• Far Standing Medium Kick's active frames were lengthened a little, and his hittable box when he extends his leg horizontally was reduced, so it will function better as a poking tool.

• Close Standing Medium Punch's startup is faster and the total duration of the move is reduced as a result, plus frame advantage on hit was increased, so it got significantly buffed.

• Crouching Hard Punch's start up is slightly faster.

• Crouching Medium Kick has slightly more active frames.

• Neutral Jumping and Jumping Away Hard Punch (Stretchy Arms) now is his Jump Toward Hard Punch animation. The jumping stretchy arms attack has been removed.

Unique Attacks

• His Dive Kick's hitstun and blockstun were decreased, so it's slightly harder to use the move as an offense tool.

• All three Head Stomp moves had their active frames reduced, and the timing to hit all three of them was changed.

Special Moves

• Sonic Boom's recovery was reduced by 1 frame, and EX Sonic Boom's recovery is reduced by 3 frames. Now regular attacks into his regular or EX Sonic Boom, Focus Attack Dash Cancel and a follow up combo are pretty powerful.

• His Spin Kicks (Hyakuretsukyaku) deal more damage and less stun.

Super Move

• Super's invincibility window was lengthened, and "the pursuit priority is increased." [Translator's note: It's assumed this means it will connect more hits against airborne opponents instead of the attack not fully connecting when someone jumps into it.]


• Ultra 2's recovery was shortened.

• Full invincibility was changed to 12 frames, and after that Seth is only invincible to projectiles until the end of active frames. In SSF4, according to the frame data, Seth was invincible for the first 88 frames of animation, so this is a significant reduction.

• Ultra 1 deals more damage, but has a longer recovery time.

Other Stuff

• Stamina increased to 800, stun increased to 900. In SSF4 it was 750 for both his stamina and stun ranking.


• The changes on SSF4 Arcade Edition happened only where they affect the way he is played.

• He looks weakened in the first glance, but he also got strengthened in various points, so please research his playstyle in SSF4 Arcade Edition.

Dee Jay

Normal Moves

• Far Standing Light Punch's hittable box around his arm was removed, so it's more difficult to beat this attack.

• Crouching Medium Punch's priority was strengthened, and it deals more damage.

• Close Standing Medium Punch's active frames were increased by 1, making it a total of 5 active frames, so it's easier to use as a close anti air.

• Far Standing Medium Kick was changed to be a 2-hit normal, and it got adjusted in damage distribution, in startup, and in the total duration. Now, the 1st hit is Cancelable, so combos such as Crouching Light Punch, into Far Standing Medium Kick, into Special Moves and also Close Standing Medium Kick into Far Standing Medium Kick into Special Moves combos are possible.

• Close Standing Hard Kick is now a techable knockdown against air opponents. You can now do juggle combos after the second hit.

• Far Standing Hard Kick's startup is 1 frame faster, and the active frames for it was increased by 1.

• Crouching Hard Kick's distance was shortened, but has more active frames, and it will recover faster after the active frames end.

• Toward Jumping Medium Kick's pushback on hit is adjusted, so combos after crossing up with it are easier.

Special Moves

• Air Slasher's (Fireball) recovery got shortened, and the hitstun/blockstun got reduced as well. There are no changes to EX Air Slasher. Opponent's attack will now be registered as a counter hit if you get hit out while doing this, so if the opponent jumps in on you, you will be in a world of hurt.

• Light Dread Kicks' (Double Rolling Sobat) startup was changed to 12 frames, and his lower body invincibility was lengthened as well. It's comboable from Light attacks now. It's throw invincibility and airborne state were removed.

• Medium, Hard and EX Dread Kicks (Double Rolling Sobat) 1st hit deals longer hitstun, so landing the first 1st hit, Focus Attack Dash Canceling, and following up with a combo may be great.

• Machinegun Upper's damage was increased.

• Light Jacknife Maximum (Up Kicks) damage was increased, and is completely invincible until active frames end.

• Hard Kick and EX Jacknife Maximum are now less likely to whiff attacks on hit.

Ultra 2

• Ultra 2's has less recovery after the cinematic.

Other Stuff

• Dee Jay's forward dash has more frames where you can input a Super or Ultra command. As a result, his forward dash into Ultra 2 is easier than it was before.


Normal Moves

• Standing Hard Punch's hittable box around his arm got smaller, so it's easier to use as an anti air attack or a poke.

• When Oiled, normal moves buffered after a forward dash now have sliding property.

Unique Attacks

• Step Low (Toward + Light Kick) is now Cancelable, has a faster startup, can link from Close Standing Medium Punch and other attacks.

Special Moves

• For Oil Shower, the duration of the oil will be stacked now. The maximum duration is 30 seconds. Also, the Medium, Hard and EX versions of the Oil Shower have 5 frames less recovery time, and the EX version can be Canceled into Guard Position (Coward Crouch).

• Oil Shower is one of Hakan's follow ups after an Oil Slide. The effect is the same as Light Kick Oil Shower, and he will be in advantage nevertheless.

• Light Punch Oil Slide has a faster startup, and can be connected from Crouching Light Punch or Step Low (Toward + Light Kick).

• Oil Dive, including the EX version, while holding button, can be canceled into Guard Position (Coward Crouch), you can now use it as a feint and to build meter.

Other Stuff

• Oil Rocket and Oil Dive's input property is adjusted, so the feeling will be same with that of Zangief's Spinning Piledriver.

Q&A Session

Q: In the location test, if EX Green Hands hit a backdashing opponent, you could land Ultra 2 after wards. How does it work now? Also, does it have any pursuit property? Are there any changes to Lariats?
A: Same with loctest, as long as the opponent is airborne, it is possible for his Ultra 2 to connect. However, there is no pursuit property on the move so it cannot be comboed into. There are no changes to Lariats.

Q: Would there be any changes in Tiger Knee's damage distribution?
A: We tried adjusting damages here and there, but in the final version damage adjustment applied only to his Standing Light Kick and Tiger Uppercut.

Q: You said Crouching Medium Punch 2x combos, since you did not touch recovery, would it mean that the hitstun is increased?
A: We didn't list this change last week, but other than the already mentioned 5 frame startup time Crouching Medium Punch's recovery was reduced by 3 frames.
Q: About Far Standing Light Punch into Crouching Medium Kick, 7 frame startup combo, does this imply that Far Standing Light Punch's recovery got adjusted to have +7 on hit and +4 on block, or is it a hitstun increase as well?
A: Far Far Standing Light Punch's recovery got reduced to the point where Dan's frame advantage on hit is +7.

Q: Should I take "increased priority" as simply having more range, or as the 'hitbox/hittable box' adjustment so that it's harder to get stuffed, or both? Also I want to know if there are any changes to moves like Standing Hard Kick, Crouching Medium Kick and his Stomach Blow.
A: For the increased priority, there could be many possibilities, such as increased range or increased hitbox vertically, in order to increase its usefulness. There are some moves with frame data adjustments and some not, but to take Standing Hard Kick as an example, recovery got reduced by 3 frames so the total duration is reduced by the same amount as well.

Next week will list changes for Dhalsim, M. Bison, Akuma, Adon and T. Hawk, and is the last planned entry for the SSF4 AE character changes.

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Source: Japanese SSF4 Blog, contributions and translations for this story by Street11, USD on NeoGAF and Sugar Shock.

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