Another Street Fighter short film in the works

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • August 17, 2010 at 12:16 p.m. PDT
Another Street Fighter short film in the works Trailing in behind Street Fighter: Legacy and Street Fighter: Beginnings End, another Street Fighter short is being filmed with the hopes of turning into a franchise reboot.

LazyGamer caught up with DeVille Vannik, who will be playing Ken for a quick interview. Here's a snip.

So we hear you are working on some Street Fighter promo videos, what can you tell us about the project?

DeVille: Well I can’t say all that much at the moment but it is a promo that will be used by the creators to pitch the idea for a remake to the big shots at Capcom.

Will these videos be used for public viewing, or are they created to try and get more money thrown at a larger project?

DeVille: Yes, the promo will go public and it will also be used to draw some investors to the project.

How many character/actors are involved in the project? Will fans like where it’s going?

DeVille: For this promo its Ken and Chun Li. The storyline is different than what’s been done before so I’m sure fans will enjoy it.

Who are you playing in the promo, and what does it entail? Do you have to kick some ass?

DeVille: I play Ken Masters and in the promo and I’ve come to China to find Ryu, he’s last known whereabouts lead me to a dojo where I meet Chun Li. And yes, there will be some ass kickery for sure.

The people behind Street Fighter: Legacy also talked about moving forward with a mini-series or paid featurettes, but it's been awhile since any additional news has come out about the project.

Thanks to Ognipode for the heads up.

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