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Community member's SF footage stolen

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • April 24, 2010 at 3:40 p.m. PDT • Comments: 76
Community member's SF footage stolen reported that Jon Gibson, the founder of I Am 8-Bit Productions, had his footage stolen at the SSFIV Fight Club in LA last night.

He posted this message.
We are prepared to offer a cash reward if that footage is returned to us. We don't care who stole it, we just want it back. We will NOT drag anyone through the mud; your identity will be kept secret. We can promise you that.

Just please, come forward. We can arrange for a drop point somewhere in Los Angeles.

Seriously, this footage meant the world to us. It was important to Daigo. It was important to Capcom.

We produce these kinds of events for the fans, and for the evidence of such a night to be ripped out from under us - well, it hurts.

It really hurts.
The equipment stolen is a MacBook Pro, two Kodak zi8 HD cameras, and lots of SD cards.

"We could care less about the equipment itself. It's the FOOTAGE THAT MATTERS," Gibson stated. "For the entire night, that Mac Book Pro, along with those SD cards, stored hours of footage from the event. It was really great stuff that is now gone because someone decided to take the shiny objects."

You can reach him at jon AT iam8bit DOT com if you have any information you can offer.

Thanks to Duckmouth for pointing this out.
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