Sven details Super Street Fighter 4's replay system

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • April 12, 2010 at 5:31 p.m. PDT
Sven details Super Street Fighter 4's replay system Christian Svensson stopped by the Unity Boards to give a few more details on how Super Street Fighter 4's replay system works. Here's the low down.
The new replay system in SSF4 is awesome, but would it be possible to upload those replays to a website instead of just watching them on a console machine? Could this feature be added as a future DLC update?

Christian Svensson: The way it currently works is a bit of a different animal that what you're proposing. The SSFIV replay works by "playing back controller inputs" in-engine. As a result, the playback data is rather small (usually a few [Kilobytes]) so sharing that data with another client, that is capable of conducting the play-back in engine isn't too taxing. To output a movie file that could be uploaded to a website, you'd need something that could render out the movie in real time (fraps-like) and then upload the file.

That could be done a couple of ways, either on the client (which means people's machines get stuck doing those tasks for a while, likely unable to do anything else) or a server side renderer (upload the inputs, have a server render out and capture, then upload to a web destination).

Trust me, we've given this a lot of thought and unfortunately it falls outside the scope of what's currently planned. As far as future DLC, we'll speak to Ono about it and get his thoughts.
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