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Images, video and new details for Super Street Fighter 4

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • September 29, 2009 at 2:53 a.m. PDT • Comments: 0
Gamespot caught up with Super Street Fighter 4's producer, Yoshinori Ono, and gathered a bunch of great information from him about the new title.

Here's a summary of what Ono had to say.
  • Super Street Fighter 4 is tentatively set for a spring 2010 release.
  • The update will be released on a disc, and won't be available as DLC (Downloadable Content) — but the game will be priced as an upgrade — not a brand new title.
  • As this time, they're thinking of adding about 8 characters to the game. (Rumors currently have this pegged at 10 fighters total).
  • Capcom is planning on adding more features to the online modes. Things so people can enjoy playing as a group. (Sounds like lobbies are in).
  • There will be tweaks and balance changes, along with more online stuff and new features the developers are adding in.
  • Bonus Stages aren't 100% confirmed, but it sounds very likely they'll be making it into Super Street Fighter 4.
  • You won't need the original disc to play this update, but fans who have a copy of SF4 will be, "happy to have held on to it," as they'll be receiving something nifty.
  • Juri is a Korean Tae Kwan Do fighter and is very important to the storyline.
  • They skipped "Champion Edition" and "Turbo" and jumped straight to "Super" for the name of this upgrade because of the scale and size of what they're planning.
A longer version of the teaser trailer has been posted, it shows Ryu and Ken fighting, very similar to the original trailer that was made for the game.
Gamespot also has a first look article which has some minor details and a bit of speculation.

Earlier in the day scans from Famitsu were posted, this time showing Dee Jay in action. And prior to that the first batch of Super Street Fighter IV photos hit the web.

Click images for larger versions

A second batch of screen shots and some artwork showed up a bit later from Famitsu magazine in Japan.

Click images for larger versions

With Dee Jay confirmed, now 3 of the 10 rumored characters are official.

A big thanks goes out to SFilp, Zenken6, Millh0u5e, Random X and a ton of other readers for contributing to this story.

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