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Nakky blog all but confirms Ibuki in Super Street Fighter 4, more stages

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • November 27, 2009 at 6 a.m. PST • Comments: 0
Nakky blog all but confirms Ibuki in Super Street Fighter 4, more stages On the official Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 blog, which was translated by Azrael, Shiozawa-san makes mention of a kunai (dagger) that Guy is deflecting with his Focus Attack — which was discussed previously.

The screen shot below clearly shows the kunai, which is Ibuki's signature weapon, making it all but official the ninja girl from the Street Fighter 3 series will be in the game.

Shiozawa also states that there are plenty of new stages and they'll be showing them some time in December.
Hello everyone.

Now, as we are approaching the final stages of fine-tuning the battle system and de-bugging, the development department has become really intense. At any rate, its all over if I pass out, so I'm going to make sure I eat and sleep well, and will push myself to the limit! I hope you all support me!

And now finally, I'd like to present the second round of new characters for Super Street Fighter IV!

Beast With Bared Teeth, Adon

Quiet Red Flash, Guy

Bored Convict on the Run, Cody

You can find them featured in the "SUPER Promotion Trailer 2", so definitely check out the new forms of Guy, Cody, and Adon in SSFIV!

1 hit of Adon's ultra. A fairly powerful knee right in Sagat's big 'ol chin.

Guy blocking a kunai thrown from someone with his Focus Attack. But now, in SSF4 there are no characters who throw kunais. That means....?!

And, here's the picture from last week - as you can it, it was Cody beating up on Chun-Li. On the internet, there were a lot of people who thought it would be Rolento based on the stage background!

Also, this is a new stage for SSFIV. Who's watching in the background...and what's that hazy thing far off in the distance...?! Well, we're making plenty more new stages for SSFIV, so we'd like to show some of them off around December.

But you know, on the last blog, there were a lot of people who constantly asked for Cody without ever giving up hope, so this makes me think back to them. It was also brought up in the Q&A blog posts.

And so looking back on my answers at that time, I really flirted the line with giving away too much info about the next title. Heh, I could get in trouble for that (I DID get in trouble)! So, along those lines, now is a bit too early for introducing certain things, or else I'll get in trouble again...(read that as you like)

But, I would love to continue the Q&A series, so please write your questions, opinions, and requests in the comments!

And with this, the total number of characters has shot up to 31! Lil' Ono said he wanted to add more than 8 or so, but how many more are we going to add?! I hope you all look forward to more information with great anticipation and excitement!

But with adding more characters, then our efforts to balance the game becomes a fight against time.

"Just give me 3 more days!"
"Not possible."
"Why! Balance adjustments are crucial for SSFIV, so you have to give me this!"
"If we don't meet the development deadline then everything is lost! I can't give you anything!"
...Like this, regarding the schedule, me and the project manager get into fights about once every three days.

All of the staff are giving it our full power to give everyone a game you can enjoy for a long time, so please wait with high expectations for it!

Well then, see you next week!

(Next week I'm planning to announce the dates and locations of the qualifiers for the National Tournament, so definitely don't miss out!)

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