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New online modes in Super Street Fighter 4 detailed

Posted by Jon 'Catalyst' Grey • November 6, 2009 at 12:37 p.m. PST • Comments: 1
An English version of the new trailer showing Super Street Fighter 4's online modes has surfaced. This cut is conspicuously missing what's assumed to be Ryu's second Ultra, but you can still see it VERY briefly in the Japanese version here.

For those of you without quick eyes, here are pixelated screen captures of Ryu performing his new attack.

To see many more details and along with new information about the game, click the link below.

Tournament Mode details

• A Tournament Mode will be available as DLC (downloadable content) some time after the game is released — it won't be on the disc itself.

• This mode will support up to 8 players, plus an additional person — the tournament organizer. Everyone will be able to voice chat.

• The results will be visually displayed. It's not stated how at this time, but it's likely going to be a tournament bracket so you can follow the progress or see how previous rounds played out.

• Matches from the tournament can be saved and viewed.

• Tournament winners can be given special titles by the organizer.

Endless Battle details — Quarter Match

• Supports up to 8 players in an endless tournament mode.

• Winner faces the next opponent and the loser goes to the back of the line to wait their turn.

• You can switch your character between rounds if you win.

• Players who are waiting for their turn can voice chat with each other.

Team Battle details

• Supports up to 8 players with a maximum of two teams each. The teams are broken up by color, blue for team 1 and red for team 2.

• Teams can be even or uneven. Even matches like 2 vs 2, 4 vs 4, or uneven couplings like 2 vs 6, 3 vs 5, etc.

• Players who aren't fighting will watch the current battle and can voice chat with each other.

• Teams can be created manually, or you can have the game automatically pick teams based on ranking statistics to try and keep things even.

• Once the teams have been decided, you can set the order of who goes first, last, etc., or leave it up to the game to decide.

• If you use the request feature, you can play Arcade mode while you wait for other players to show up.

• Specific players can be invited to be on your team.

Replay Channel details

• You gather replays here to view them later.

• This service uses categories that divide everything up. Some of the current categories are Origin, Random, New Face and Boss areas. Other functions include New Replay, Battle Log, My Channel and My List options.

• The My List feature lets you download matches to your HDD.

Here's a few more details on the Replay Channel courtesy of Jigsaw.

This is the mode that Taguchi and his engineers have been working on harder than anything else!

You've all been requesting "We want to watch match replays!", and here is our response - a new ground-breaking feature following the Arcade Request, a mode where you can watch match replays with (almost) no limits!

As you're fighting, round up a collection of replays. Afterwards, watch them with one hand in your bag of potato chips, just as if you're watching TV.

In this mode, there are several different channels, so if you feel like "I just want to see matches with boss characters!" or "I just want to see matches with the new characters!" you can narrow down your search to whatever you want to watch. In addition, you can save your favourite replays to your "My list" channel and just watch those.

The "My list" is just for you... but the replays in all other channels will be shared with all the players across the world, so please enjoy watching them together while voice chatting!

This is all I've got on the new online modes.

It'll be awesome! So awesome! And a huge pain to debug!

• More shots of the bonus stages.
• More photos of the new online modes.

There's also new character pages for Chun-Li, Cammy and C. Viper, which have their new artwork, voice samples and vital statistics about the characters themselves.

Readers with a keen eye have spotted the following details from Japanese video.

• From 59 to 60 seconds a frame-by-frame analysis seems to show Ryu doing his Shinshoryuken Super Art from Street Fighter 3 Third Strike or Metsu-Shoryuken from Alpha (2nd screen from the left, top row). This seems to confirm yet again that the characters will have two Ultra moves.

• Mike Haggar can be seen on a billboard in the background on the car bonus stage. This may simply be a nod to Final Fight where the stage is originally from, or it could imply that Cody and Guy are in the game as previous rumors have suggested.

Car Bonus Stage details

• The car bonus stage works like it has in past Street Fighter games. Destroy as much of it as you can within time limit for points. Completely destroying the vehicle within the time frame nets you a 'Perfect'.

• This bonus stage can be played in Arcade mode or in Challenge mode.

• You start to destroy the car by hitting one door and then jumping over and taking out the other one, then the roof and then finally finishing it off by attacking the body.

• After beating the bonus stages, there's an option to disable them in Arcade mode.

Barrel Bonus Stage details

• Again this works much like it did in Street Fighter 2. The barrels can strike you and knock you off your feet.

• Your Super Combo is apparently available on this bonus stage.

• This one is more challenging than the other(!?) bonus games.

Thanks to PineTar80, MonsieurLâm and TylerX5 for the heads up.

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